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Ferrari unveils the special edition of SF90 XX Stradale at the renowned Fiorano Circuit

Ferrari introduces the SF90 XX Stradale and Spider, two trailblazing models making their debut at the historic Fiorano Circuit, encapsulating a harmonious synthesis of the distinctive elements from the renowned Special Series and XX Programme. Share

Lifting the curtain on a new era in the world of high-performance vehicles, Ferrari pulls back the curtain on its latest masterpieces: the SF90 XX Stradale and its open-top counterpart, the SF90 XX Spider. Limited to 799 and 599 units respectively, these V8-powered plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) take the concept of specialized versions to new heights, incorporating the finest elements of Ferrari’s road and track models.

Over the past two decades, Ferrari has raised the bar with models such as the 488 Pista and 812 Competizione. Concurrently, the exclusive XX Programme has pushed boundaries in the realm of track performance, leading to the creation of radical, track-focused vehicles like the FXX-K EVO. Leveraging these two spheres of innovation, Ferrari has embarked on the creation of a street-legal car that exhibits the most advanced engineering concepts, resulting in the SF90 XX Stradale.

Ferrari unveils the special edition of SF90 XX Stradale at the renowned Fiorano Circuit

Drawing inspiration from the SF90 Stradale supercar, the SF90 XX Stradale amplifies its stellar track and on-the-limit driving experience. With an increased power output of 1030 cv (a bump of 30 cv from the SF90 Stradale), newly developed software logics, and ground-breaking aerodynamics solutions, including a fixed rear spoiler, this vehicle is designed to outdo all previous benchmarks. This fixed rear spoiler, the first on a road-going Ferrari since the iconic F50, contributes an unmatched 530 kg of downforce at 250 km/h.

Carrying the same inspiration, the SF90 XX Spider offers the thrill of track performance coupled with the pleasure of open-air driving. The harmonious soundtrack of the Ferrari V8 amplifies the driving experience. It benefits from similar aerodynamic enhancements as the Stradale and includes specially designed cockpit airflows for optimum comfort with the top-down. The Spider also showcases Ferrari’s renowned Retractable Hard Top (RHT), which can be deployed or retracted in just 14 seconds and can be operated at speeds up to 45 km/h.

Ferrari unveils the special edition of SF90 XX Stradale at the renowned Fiorano Circuit

The SF90 XX Stradale boasts the most efficient aerodynamics of any road-going car in Ferrari’s history, making it comparable only to the LaFerrari supercar. Doubling the maximum downforce of the SF90 Stradale, it offers increased grip and a noticeably faster lap time at Fiorano. Thanks to Ferrari’s unparalleled racing experience, the cooling flow management for the thermal, electric components and engine compartment has been redesigned to accommodate the higher power output.

The guiding principle of the SF90 XX Stradale’s interior design was highlighting the cockpit’s racing vocation through solutions that would provide significant weight savings. The main areas involved were the door panels, tunnel and mats, which are now simpler in terms of their shape and the mainly technical fabrics used, while carbon fibre was used for functional areas. The upper part of the dashboard is trimmed in Alcantara, while the lower part is trimmed in technical fabric. Both are inspired by the racing world.

Ferrari unveils the special edition of SF90 XX Stradale at the renowned Fiorano Circuit

A specific racing seat with a visible carbon-fibre tubular structure and cushion supports was designed for the car to enhance sporty driving pleasure without compromising on comfort. The backrest rake mechanism has been integrated into the seat using elastic trim materials which hide the separation between the backrest and seat squab. This means that the structure looks seamless at all times – just like a single-piece seat while also allowing the backrest to be adjusted. Together with the carbon-fibre structure, this feature saved 1.3 kg in weight compared to the SF90 Stradale’s single-piece seat.

The development focus for the SF90 XX Stradale was to create a car that delivers maximum performance and driving enjoyment while retaining all functionalities of the SF90 Stradale’s hybrid powertrain. Particular attention was given to the performance usability, especially the electric mode’s capacity to provide high performance in urban settings and out-of-town trips – the top speed in eDrive mode is a surprising 135 km/h.

Ferrari unveils the special edition of SF90 XX Stradale at the renowned Fiorano Circuit

The SF90 XX Stradale is the most extreme version of the SF90 Stradale. Its design criteria mirrors that of a track car, adjusted to be road-legal. This model signifies a significant milestone as it is the first XX model to leave the factory gates, marking a transition of the zenith of Prancing Horse track technology, aerodynamic efficiency and power to the road.

Under the guidance of the Ferrari Styling Centre led by Flavio Manzoni, the SF90 XX Stradale takes the principles of the SF90 Stradale and drives them to their limits. The symbiotic relationship between the Styling Centre and the Technical Department allowed for significant modifications, mainly with the goal of enhancing the original car’s downforce. The SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider represent Ferrari’s commitment to continually redefine the boundaries of performance and luxury. These models serve as a testament to Ferrari’s legacy and its pursuit of delivering unparalleled driving experiences.

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