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Rolls-Royce unveils ‘Spirit of Expression’ Bespoke commissions of Ghost Extended, Phantom Extended and Spectre

These vehicles feature exterior and interior designs inspired by global landscapes and include unique color schemes and luxury detailing tailored to reflect the tastes of progressive younger clients. Share

Ahead of the 18th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2024), Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has introduced the ‘Spirit of Expression’—a series of three remarkable Bespoke commissions: Ghost Extended, Phantom Extended, and Spectre. These are the inaugural models crafted by the newly established Private Office in Shanghai, which commenced operations last year.

This initiative represents a global collaboration between the company’s Goodwood-based designers and the Shanghai-based Bespoke designer. The exterior colours of these vehicles draw inspiration from the natural beauty and landscapes of various significant global destinations favoured by Chinese clients. The designs of the ‘Spirit of Expression’ commissions directly reflect the preferences of progressive younger Chinese clients, who are pioneers in shaping global luxury trends and commissioning super-luxury products that represent their personal styles.

“These unique motor cars have been designed and crafted for our clients in China, who see the world as their home and rightfully demand super-luxury products that reflect their personal tastes through finishes, materials and contemporary crafts. Each Spirit of Expression commission tells its own story, inspired by locations around the world that resonate with our clients in the region — from the beaches of Sicily to the sunset on Boracay Island. Our artisans have brought these concepts to life with exquisite Bespoke craftsmanship, including a unique celestial-inspired motif created using embroidery and stainless steel,” Chris Brownridge, CEO, of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Each model’s exterior colour scheme captures a unique moment from various notable locations around the world that are popular among clients from the Greater China area. These inspirations include the vibrant colours of the Lantana flower in South America, the beautiful sands of Sicily’s Cala Luna beach, and the expansive sunsets over Boracay Island in the Western Visayas in the Philippines. Inside each car, a recurring theme of the celestial sky above these locations enhances the interior, celebrating the beauty and power of the stars.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended ‘Magnetism’ is a modern interpretation of the brand’s flagship model. This model features a two-tone exterior in Cala Luna Sand and Kabira Blue, colours that reflect the magnetic charm of a moonlit beach bay and the deep blue of the night sky meeting the sea. This exterior is highlighted with a hand-painted double coachline in Arctic White and Cala Luna Sand. Inside, the celestial theme is vividly brought to life with a complex Starlight Headliner comprised of blue and white ‘stars,’ including eight ‘shooting stars.’ An intricate celestial motif is inlaid in stainless steel on the rear waterfall and also appears in the Gallery artwork, embroidered in Arctic White on a Navy Blue canvas. This model boasts plush seating in Blue Grey, Navy Blue, and Arctic White leather, complemented by Arctic White stitching, and is finished with open-pore Obsidian Ayous wood veneers that showcase the natural wood grain.

The Rolls-Royce Spectre ‘Escapism’ model draws inspiration from the tropics of South America, particularly the vibrant red of the Lantana flower, believed to bring good fortune. The two-tone exterior is finished in Lantana Red and Tempest Grey, with part-polished wheels painted to match. The interior features Selby Grey, Purple Silk, and Sunset leathers, with a Starlight Headliner that adds a celestial touch using fibre-optic ‘stars’ to mimic the night sky.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended ‘Expressionism’ embraces the expressive potential of the Ghost model. Its ‘Boracay Blue’ exterior captures the stunning hues of twilight over Boracay Island, accented with a Lime Green coachline. This expressive colour is mirrored in the interior’s seat and door piping, contrast stitching, and headrest monograms. The inner door pockets feature a celestial motif embroidered in Lime Green, adding a three-dimensional effect through varied stitching techniques. The Starlight Headliner reflects this design with hundreds of stars that follow a dynamic wave pattern.

These ‘Spirit of Expression’ Bespoke commissions will be on display at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2024) at the China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) from April 25th through May 4th, 2024.

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