Partner Programme

Partner Programme

Partner Programme

We foster partnerships with the world's leading brands, showcasing their exceptional offerings to our diverse and international audience
partners global luxury network platform
Our Platform
An exclusive digital content platform, designed for the modern connoisseur with an appreciation for luxury and sophistication
partners global luxury network audience
Our Audience
Our community comprises discerning individuals who value and seek high-quality products and services around the globe
partners global luxury network audience
Our Aim
Our commitment is centered around promoting your brand with the utmost discretion and efficiency, ensuring a strong return on investment

Featured Partner Campaigns

Explore a curated selection of recent partner campaigns that have been featured on our digital lifestyle platform

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Partner Programme Benefits

  • Become part of an exclusive international lifestyle management brand
  • Receive qualified referrals from our discerning clients
  • Enhance brand visibility within your industry segment
  • Benefit from highly customised promotional campaigns
  • Build partnerships with other esteemed brands in our network
  • Gain access to exclusive B2B and B2C networking opportunities
  • Generate revenue through our innovative affiliate programme
Our OfferingOur distinctive identity enables us to cultivate prosperous partnerships that propel mutual growth and achievement

luxury concierge franchise opportunity
A Globally-Oriented Brand — In this age of rapid globalization and digital transformation, Royist stands at the vanguard of the concierge industry, leveraging our globally recognized brand and cutting-edge technology. We possess a distinct vision and identity, designed to appeal to a discerning, globally mobile clientele. Concurrently, we're committed to fostering a prestigious international network of valued partners.

Independent Network — Our network consists of carefully selected organizations that maintain an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. With an ethos deeply anchored in excellence and exclusivity, Royist practices a highly discerning approach in curating our portfolio of partners. The outcome is a selectively assembled collection of the industry’s premier brands, each renowned for their outstanding products, services, and experiences.

Promotional Campaigns — As a Preferred Partner of Royist, you'll gain privileged access to a number of promotional opportunities that span our expansive digital lifestyle platform. We specialize in creating tailored campaigns that seamlessly intertwine with our brand aesthetic, yet ensure your unique value proposition is directly accessible to our discerning audience.

Affiliate Programme — Our select partners gain access to our pioneering Affiliate Programme, which offers the opportunity to earn uncapped and recurring commissions. This is managed through an innovative platform that is an industry-first within the concierge sector, providing partners with an exclusive opportunity to diversify their revenue streams.

Partner Application

Thank you for your consideration. The first step in our screening process is to complete our Partner Programme application form.
Partner Application Form


A.As an esteemed private club catering to discerning clients with exceptional needs, our unique market standing provides your brand immediate access to an affluent, captivated audience who express significant interest in your offerings. Upon joining our Partner Programme, you stand to gain from direct, qualified referrals corresponding to our Insiders and Members concierge requests. Moreover, our digital lifestyle platform opens avenues for promoting exclusive campaigns tailored specifically for select partner brands.