Ethics & Sustainability

Ethics & Sustainability

Protecting our Future

Sustainability is one of our core values — we do business ethically and sustainably whilst minimising our negative impact on the planet

luxury concierge ethics Sustainability
A Globally-oriented Brand — In an era of accelerated globalisation and digitisation, we are at the forefront of the concierge industry in terms of assessing and continuously minimising our environmental footprint towards our net zero goal.

We have a clear vision and unique identity to address a demanding global jet-setting clientele whilst at the same time we strive to protect our planet in every way possible.

Building strong relationships with people inside and outside our business is key to delivering our vision for ethics and sustainability and long-term business success.

Our Environmental Impact

Our environmental footprint greatly influences our operations and our approach outlined below highlights our commitment for a better future

luxury concierge ethics sustainability
Green Energy — We strive as much as possible to switch to 100% renewable energy for all of our business operations, whilst virtualising our working environment.

Assessing Suppliers — We research our suppliers' ethics and environmental practices and clearly communicate to them that ethical and environmental aspects matter to our business.

Sustainable Procurement — We have developed a sustainable purchasing policy for all of our businesses purchases, with details about what staff can and cannot purchase, and what they should look for, or avoid, when trying to purchase sustainable options.

luxury concierge ethics sustainability
Becoming Paper-Free — We have streamlined our business processes to achieve a paper-free environment across our entire organisation.

Carbon Footprint — We calculate our own carbon emissions for all three Scopes as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and set achievable targets to reduce our average annual footprint.

Banning Disposable Plastics — Despite its usefulness, plastic comes at an environmental cost and can cause harm to habitats (such as our oceans). We have therefore prohibited the use of any disposable plastics in our workplace.

luxury concierge ethics sustainability
Planet-friendly Travel — We promote lower carbon options for staff journeys. Video conference instead of travelling, taking public transport over taxis, and active use of electric means of transportation.

Investments — Many pensions and other investments are supporting harmful industries such as fossil fuels, deforestation, weapons and tobacco. Any investments made by our company form part of a planet-friendly portfolio.

Life Cycle Thinking — Focusing on life-cycle thinking benefits our business in the long-run. We choose products which are built to last, repairable and can be recycled.

A Sustainable Planet

Climate change continues to be one of the biggest threats to our planet — urgent action is needed to keep global warming below 1.5C to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate breakdown