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Patek Philippe introduces Reference 5330, a new World Time watch with a unique local time-synchronized date display, powered by an innovative self-winding movement in a white-gold case. Share

Patek Philippe has recently integrated the Reference 5330 into its regular collection, following its debut as a limited edition at the “Watch Art” grand exhibition in Tokyo, in June 2023. This new generation World Time watch is notable for a patented innovation: a date display that synchronizes with local time. Specifically, the date adjusts according to the time zone selected at the 12 o’clock position on the city disk, as indicated by the centre hands.

This advancement is powered by the new calibre 240 HU C self-winding movement, which also incorporates an innovative differential system. The movement showcases the date on the dial’s periphery using a centre hand with a red hammer-head-style tip, made from transparent glass. The watch is encased in an elegant white-gold frame and features a dial-in blue-grey opaline with a distinctive “Carbon” motif at the centre, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of this travel-centric timepiece.

The World Time function of Patek Philippe, first introduced in the 1930s during the dawn of transatlantic flights, has been continually optimized. It features two mobile disks—a city disk and a 24-hour disk—that allow for simultaneous and permanent time display across 24 time zones, complemented by a local time display. This functionality is elegantly presented with dial centres often adorned with Grand Feu cloisonné enamel maps or hand-guilloched decorations, making these watches highly coveted among collectors.

The functionality of the World Time watches was significantly enhanced in 1999 with a patented mechanism that allows all displays (city disk, 24-hour disk, and centre hour hand) to be adjusted simultaneously by one-hour increments through a single push, without impacting the minute and second’s accuracy. This feature was first introduced in the Reference 5110 launched in 2000. Patek Philippe has since combined World Time with other complex functions, including a chronograph in 2016 and a minute repeater in 2017, the latter always chiming the local time, as demonstrated in the limited edition Reference 5531 during the New York Grand Exhibition.

The latest milestone is the integration of a date function with the World Time in the new Reference 5330G-001. Incorporating a date function in world-time watches typically requires manual adjustment of the date and time zone independently. However, Patek Philippe has engineered the date display to automatically adjust based on the local time, eliminating the need for manual correction when passing through the International Date Line or at midnight. This innovation required a mechanism capable of adjusting the date both forwards and backwards without risk to the movement, a challenge adeptly met with the new calibre.

The new calibre 240 HU C, an evolution of the ultra-thin self-winding 240 HU, now includes a date-display module that comprises 70 parts. This module features a patented differential system with two concentric star-type gears that manage the date about the local time, allowing the date hand to move forward or backward as needed. Despite its additional features, the new movement is only marginally thicker than its predecessor, allowing it to be housed in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing case.

The visual design of the World Time Reference 5330G-001 is as striking as its technical capabilities. The watch features a blue-grey opaline dial centre with a carbon motif, surrounded by a 24-hour disk divided into day and night zones and a city disk indicating the International Date Line. The time is displayed via faceted dauphine-style hands and baton-style hour markers, all crafted in white gold with a luminescent coating. The 40mm white-gold case with polished, fluted lugs and a sapphire-crystal back showcases the intricate new movement and its exquisite finishing. A blue-grey calfskin strap with white stitching complements the dial, secured with a white gold fold-over clasp, completing the luxurious yet functional profile of this exceptional timepiece.

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