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Curators Community

Luxury Curators Community

Curators Community

Our community is made up of distinguished experts and connoisseurs who embody and set the standard for refinement and sophistication

Our Curators Community is a collective of seasoned industry proffesionals, lifestyle connoisseurs and aficionados, all unified by a set of guiding principles. These include shared expertise, mutual learning, and a collective enthusiasm for what we are passionate about. Together, our curators represent the epitome of refinement and sophistication, continually invigorating the standards we set for quality and elegance.

In today's ever-evolving luxury landscape, being connected is more vital than ever. With this in mind, our community is a thriving ecosystem built on shared values, mutual respect, and a passion for excellence. Each curator brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, insights, and a unique perspective, making our community a treasure trove of expertise. Collaborations emerge, partnerships are formed, and innovation thrives in this dynamic environment.

For those seeking guidance or insights into the luxury world, this network serves as a bridge. Whether it's understanding emerging luxury trends, sourcing rare gemstones for a bespoke jewelry piece, or gaining access to the finest health and wellness professionals, our community has the answers and the access. Dive in, and be part of a conversation that's shaping the future of luxury.

Some of our curators' areas of expertise include:

  • Art Advisors
  • Classic Car Advisors
  • Cigar Experts
  • Collectibles Specialists
  • Equine Experts
  • High Fashion Stylists
  • Health & Wellness Experts
  • Events & Entertainment Professionals
  • Travel Designers & Local Experts
  • High Jewelry Advisors
  • Horology Specialists
  • Wine & Spirits Advisors
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5 Reasons to Join

If you're an expert in a specific luxury field and have extensive experience serving discerning clients, you qualify to become a member of our community
Biography Profile — Showcase your expertise with your personal profile page and promote your digital presence to our discerning audience.

Networking Opportunities — Connect with other industry experts, lifestyle aficionados, and global connoisseurs, through our affinity marketing initiatives.

Partnerships — Develop key partnerships with the world's most prestigious luxury brands and nurture mutual business development ideas.

Promotional Opportunities — Get featured in community showcases, on the Royist website, or other promotional materials, thereby further increasing your visibility and client reach.

Brand Association — Boost the prestige of your personal brand by associating with a distinguished luxury industry leader like Royist.

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How to Apply

To become a part of our community, you must receive an invitation from an existing community curator or a member of our judging panel. For additional details about the screening process for our Curators Community, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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