curators community application

Luxury Concierge Invitation
Curators Community Application
Please read carefully
Kindly allow up to ten minutes to complete your curator application. We welcome prospective applicants from various luxury industry segments worldwide.
Our committee assesses applications on an on-going basis with our approval process typically requiring between one to two weeks.
Your privacy is important to us. Your curator application is securely transferred and we never share your details and data with any third parties.
Curators joining our community must adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Curators Community Application

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  • Section A — Personal Details
  • Cities that you stay more than three months per year
  • Languages in which you are fluent, e.g. English, French
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  • Section B — Biography
  • Summarize your expertise in 2-3 words, e.g. 'Art Advisor'.
  • Provide a personal biography written in the third person, ranging from 180-200 words. Emphasize your areas of expertise and mention any notable clients you have assisted.

  • Section C — Nominator
  • Enter the name of your nominator if you have one.

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