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Inside Belmond’s upcoming luxury Sicilian Beach Club debut

Lido Villeggiatura will offer 1950s-inspired décor, luxurious cabanas, dedicated butler service, and exclusive culinary experiences, blending historical architecture with modern amenities. Share

Envision a locale where the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea gently caress your feet, a soft breeze carries echoes from a historic past, and every aspect exudes the charm of Italian sophistication. This is Lido Villeggiatura, the latest addition to the illustrious Villa Sant’Andrea, a Belmond Hotel.

Set to be inaugurated in May 2024 along the peaceful coast of Taormina Mare’s Bay of Mazzarò, Lido Villeggiatura offers an encounter as enduring as the sea itself. Drawing inspiration from its origins as a private residence until the 1950s, the beach club captures the essence of mid-century style. Visualize elegant sun loungers in white and blue stripes, paired with stylish beach umbrellas spread across the immaculate sands, inviting you to bask in the sun with unparalleled luxury.

For those desiring heightened luxury, six immaculate cabanas provide private retreats. Picture plush couches, personal sun loungers, and attentive butler service ready to meet your every desire. Alfresco dining right on the sand epitomizes this experience of sheer luxury.

Lido Villeggiatura is a sensory feast. Its Mediterranean-inspired design complements the scenic beauty that envelops it. Colourful cushions decorated with lace-like “merletto”—a motif traditional to the island—celebrate local craftsmanship. Native straw materials and custom lava stone tiles sourced from nearby Mount Etna reflect the region’s cultural depth. Sicilian terracotta vases brimming with subtropical flora create a verdant haven, while white sun sails flutter softly in the ocean breeze, setting the scene for an idyllic Sicilian summer.

Lido Villeggiatura elevates your dining experience to new heights at Brizza, a restaurant by the water’s edge, offering an intimate setting with only eight tables. Here, Chef Agostino D’Angelo presents an engaging exploration of premium Sicilian seafood, each plate paired with outstanding wines, some aged under the sea for a unique flavour profile. For an exceptionally romantic setting, bespoke candlelit dinners for two can be arranged on the beach, presenting a delightful four-course menu that highlights the region’s rich offerings.

The beach club’s lively new bar is the ideal place to relax with refreshing coastal cocktails, tangy aperitivos, and the celebrated Sicilian granita. Sundays are brought to life with traditional “Villeggiatura” game sessions, immersing you in the simple joys of card and board games, a longstanding Italian tradition.

Lido Villeggiatura accommodates every preference, from the early morning light to the shimmering stars above Sicily. A dedicated beach concierge ensures all your needs are met, whether you indulge in a leisurely “pennichella” (afternoon nap) on your sunbed or engage in invigorating water sports. For wellness enthusiasts, the beach club offers sunrise yoga by the shore and exclusive treatments within the privacy of your cabana, ensuring a revitalising experience.

As the sun sets, Lido Villeggiatura becomes a sanctuary of refined celebration. Live music and DJs create the ambience for memorable evening gatherings, complemented by exquisite seafood barbecues prepared by Executive Chef Agostino D’Angelo and Bar Manager Fabio Rosella. Cinephiles will delight in the partnership with the Taormina Film Festival, which introduces open-air cinema evenings in the cabanas. Imagine snuggling under the stars while enjoying Italian cinematic classics from the 1950s and 1960s, followed by themed dinners.

Inside Belmond’s upcoming luxury Sicilian Beach Club debut

Lido Villeggiatura is a portal to explore the nearby nature reserve and the captivating Sicilian coastline. The beach club’s private boat, the Apreamare Gozzo 35, will be ready for the hotel’s reopening. Personalise your journey aboard to visit enchanting destinations like Isola Bella, Acitrezza, and Siracusa, or discover secluded coves along the stunning coast. Luxury picnics paired with champagne and snacks add a sophisticated touch to your adventure. To cap off an extraordinary day, book the Gozzo for a sunset aperitivo against the dramatic backdrop of Mount Etna.

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