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The Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider: A Stunning Combination of Style and Performance

The Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider features a mid-front-mounted naturally-aspirated V12 engine, delivering 830 cv with advanced aerodynamics and a luxurious interior. Share

The Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider is the brand’s latest two-seater spider featuring a mid-front-mounted naturally-aspirated V12 engine. This model is a coming together of modern, sophisticated design built for those who appreciate this specific engine configuration along with the joy of open-air driving. The vehicle’s concept is inspired by the open-topped Ferrari Gran Turismo models from the 1950s and ’60s and delivers a remarkable 830 cv from its twelve-cylinder engine, providing a unique and sensational driving experience.

The new Streamliner’s design steps away from the traditional muscular and sensual forms of previous Ferrari spiders, adopting a more futuristic look that emphasizes formal purity and minimal automotive visual cues. This car is tailored for long-time Ferrari enthusiasts and new fans alike who dream of merging unparalleled driving thrills with comfort and iconic Italian design. The presentation of this car took place at an exclusive event in Miami Beach, Florida.

The engine of the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider, named the F140HD, is a newly updated version of Ferrari’s iconic naturally-aspirated V12. This engine represents the epitome of Ferrari’s essence with its peerless performance and sound, standing as a worthy successor to the legendary sports cars in Ferrari’s storied lineage. It boasts up to 830 cv with maximum revs increasing to 9500 rpm due to advanced engineering innovations. The engine features titanium con rods and lighter pistons, among other enhancements, to improve performance and reduce weight.

Significant innovations include a valvetrain with sliding finger followers inspired by Ferrari’s Formula 1 experience, optimizing mechanical efficiency. The manifold and plenum have been redesigned to be more compact, enabling the engine to unleash power at high revs and optimize torque across all engine speeds. A unique software strategy also allows variable maximum torque based on the selected gear, enhancing the driving experience with smooth, progressive acceleration.

The interior of the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider is a testament to luxury, divided into three distinct levels featuring state-of-the-art materials and design. It maintains Ferrari’s dual-cockpit architecture, providing a high level of comfort and engagement in the driving experience. The car is also equipped with the latest Human Machine Interface, which includes multiple displays ensuring that all critical vehicle and driving information is within easy reach of both the driver and passenger.

In terms of chassis design, the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider features a newly developed all-aluminium chassis that provides increased torsional rigidity and reduced weight, contributing to its dynamic performance. The car’s impressive aerodynamics and handling are supported by advanced vehicle dynamics systems, including a new version of Ferrari’s Side Slip Control and an innovative four-wheel independent steering system. Additionally, the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider is equipped with advanced driver assistance and safety features, ensuring not only exhilarating performance but also a high level of safety for both the driver and passengers.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider: A Stunning Combination of Style and Performance

On the technology front, the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider comes equipped with an 8-speed DCT transmission that has been well-received in other models for its efficiency and engaging performance. This system, combined with larger tyres and optimized gear ratios, significantly enhances the car’s acceleration and handling. Moreover, the car includes an advanced aerodynamic setup that does not compromise elegance or performance.

The aerodynamics focus on maximizing efficiency and include active elements that adjust based on speed and driving conditions.  Ferrari also offers a comprehensive seven-year maintenance program for the 12Cilindri Spider, ensuring that the car maintains its performance and safety standards over time. This program is a reflection of Ferrari’s commitment to its clients and ensures that the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider remains in optimal condition throughout its lifespan.

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