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Rolls-Royce Cullinan Series II is setting a new standard for luxury SUVs

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan Series II redefines the super-luxury SUV landscape with extensive updates including an illuminated grille, SPIRIT digital interface, and advanced personalization options. Share

The original Cullinan, launched in 2018, was the world’s first super-luxury SUV, created to meet a unique and exacting demand. It combined genuine off-road capabilities for the most demanding environments with the marque’s signature comfort and ‘magic carpet ride’, making it a versatile vehicle for all terrains. The Cullinan quickly surpassed Rolls-Royce’s ambitious global expectations and became the most requested model in their portfolio.

The creation of the Cullinan Series II was influenced by detailed client feedback, global intelligence gathering, and new technologies, making it the most extensive Series II development in Rolls-Royce’s history. It aims to address changing luxury norms and usage patterns while maintaining the core qualities that made the original Cullinan popular.

From its inception, Cullinan has proven itself capable of going off-road, yet its versatility makes it a preferred ‘daily driver’ for many owners, thanks to its powerful 6.75-litre V12 engine. The shift in owner demographics towards younger, urban-based clients has influenced the SUV’s design to be both a statement of luxury and a vehicle suitable for disappearing into nature. The trend towards self-driving has grown, with almost all Cullinan owners now driving themselves, a significant change from when less than 70% did at its launch.

The design updates for the Cullinan Series II reflect its urban usage with a focus on verticality and clean, monolithic surfaces that enhance its presence. New features include vertically oriented daytime running lights and an illuminated Pantheon grille, a first for the model, giving it a commanding presence in cityscapes. The design echoes the vertical lines of modern sports yachts and skyscrapers, with new air intakes that visually lower the car’s profile. The rear features a bold exhaust treatment and a new protective plate, while new 23-inch wheels contribute to its dynamic appearance.

The interior of the Cullinan Series II sees substantial enhancements with a focus on bold personal expression and modern craftsmanship. The introduction of the SPIRIT digital interface, first seen in the all-electric Spectre, marks its first use in a V12 Rolls-Royce, allowing for extensive bespoke customisation. The integration of the Whispers app enhances connectivity, allowing owners to manage vehicle functions remotely.

Connectivity improvements extend to the rear seats, where passengers can stream content to individual screens and enjoy personalised settings for seating functions. The audio system has been upgraded, utilising the car’s architecture to enhance sound quality, turning the SUV into a subwoofer.

A new Illuminated Fascia panel features an etched Cityscape graphic, adding to the cabin’s ambience. The Spirit of Ecstasy also becomes a focal point inside the cabin, featured in a new Clock Cabinet with dramatic lighting effects. The interior materials include Grey Stained Ash wood and a new Duality Twill fabric made from bamboo, reflecting the desire for natural luxury. This material is inspired by the bamboo grove at Sir Henry Royce’s former winter home and features a nautical-themed embroidery, linking back to the French Riviera.

New techniques like Placed Perforation in the leather upholstery showcase Rolls-Royce’s commitment to craftsmanship, with designs inspired by the cloud patterns over Goodwood. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each element of the Cullinan Series II’s design reflects its status as a pinnacle of contemporary luxury.

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