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Ferrari 12Cilindri is a classic meets contemporary moment in automobile history

This model is Ferrari’s latest masterpiece, a two-seater berlinetta that harnesses a powerful naturally-aspirated V12 engine, strategically mounted at the mid-front to optimize balance. Share

Ferrari has launched the Ferrari 12Cilindri, a new two-seater Berlinetta from Maranello, powered by a mid-front-mounted, naturally-aspirated V12 engine. This model epitomizes the essence of Ferrari, blending unparalleled performance and handling with a sophisticated, sculptural design. Targeting aficionados of the iconic V12 engine, it draws inspiration from the race-bred Ferrari Gran Turismo cars of the 1950s and ‘60s, offering both thrilling drives and practical versatility.

This latest innovation from Maranello revitalizes the naturally aspirated V12 engine, which has thrilled Ferrari enthusiasts since its debut in 1947. The 12Cilindri epitomizes the continual evolution of Ferrari’s engineering philosophy, which remains true to its original DNA and core values while adapting to modern performance standards. The car reflects the grandeur of the 1950s and 60s Ferrari Grand Tourers, known for their potent blend of racetrack-ready capabilities and all-around versatility.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri is designed to push the boundaries of performance, comfort, and design. It showcases an elegant and sporty silhouette characterized by simple, harmonious lines and an active aerodynamic profile. Noteworthy design features include a front-hinged bonnet that emphasizes the engine compartment and the distinctive twin tailpipes, a nod to Ferrari’s 12-cylinder heritage.

Under the hood, the Ferrari 12Cilindri’s V12 engine, the F140HD, is a marvel of modern engineering, delivering 830 cv with a peak revving capacity of 9500 rpm. The engine includes significant advancements such as titanium connecting rods and a new aluminum alloy for the pistons to reduce weight. Moreover, it maintains a robust torque curve, providing 80% of its torque at just 2500 rpm, enabling rapid acceleration and sustaining power to the upper limits of the rev range.

The interior of the 12Cilindri is a haven of luxury and comfort, crafted to ensure a pleasant experience on both short sprints and longer journeys. It features an airy cabin accentuated by a glass roof and high-quality materials. The cockpit is outfitted with multiple displays, including a central touchscreen accessible to both the driver and passenger, enhancing the interactive feel of the car’s controls.

Aimed at both longtime Ferrari enthusiasts and new clients, the Ferrari 12Cilindri offers an unmatched blend of traditional Ferrari power with contemporary refinements. It appeals to those who cherish the unique thrill that only a Ferrari V12 can provide, as well as those seeking a vehicle that embodies comfort and Italian elegance alongside exhilarating performance.

Technically, the Ferrari 12Cilindri’s engine has been meticulously developed to enhance its iconic status. This includes a lighter crankshaft, a valvetrain with technology adapted from Formula 1 to minimise mass, and a high-performance exhaust system compliant with the latest emission standards while enhancing the vehicle’s acoustic profile. The intake and exhaust systems have been optimised to fulfil performance targets and ensure that the engine’s sonorous roar remains unmistakably Ferrari.

Aerodynamically, the vehicle incorporates innovative features such as active flaps that adjust to optimise performance by alternating aerodynamic profiles to suit different speeds and driving conditions. The car’s underbody is specifically designed to manage airflow efficiently, contributing to stability and handling precision. The chassis of the Ferrari 12Cilindri uses advanced materials that bolster structural rigidity without adding weight, essential for maintaining the dynamic qualities expected of a Ferrari sports car.

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