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Grace Hotel in Santorini is a picturesque sanctuary perched above the Aegean Sea

Whether enjoying sunset from your private perch in Imerovigli or sailing through the sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea, the fabled Caldera coastline of Santorini awaits. Share

Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection, situated between the cliffs of Santorini overlooking the caldera, has recently reopened, presenting newly redesigned spaces including a luxurious two-bedroom villa and fresh programming that encourages immersion into local Aegean culture. Located in the quaint village of Imerovigli, it is a tranquil retreat that feels remote, inviting travellers to explore the creativity, cuisine, and culture of the Greek Islands.

The hotel reveals a redesign of its private two-bedroom Villa, which embodies the laid-back lifestyle of the Mediterranean seaside. The villa blends indoor and outdoor living with clean lines, whitewashed furniture, and natural materials, and includes exclusive amenities such as a private spa with a traditional hammam, a full kitchen, a swimming pool, a wine & cigar cellar, and a dedicated butler service. Villa guests can also enjoy tailored experiences such as sunset yoga on the private terrace, cooking classes, or spa treatments, enhancing the indulgence of their stay.

This season, the hotel has partnered with Chef Lefteris Lazarou, a pioneering figure in Greek cuisine whose restaurant, Varoulko Seaside in Athens, was the first to receive a globally-lauded culinary award for Greek cuisine in 2002—an award it has retained ever since. Chef Lazarou has opened his second restaurant at the hotel, Varoulko Santorini, where his protégé Komninos Mouflouzelis serves as the Head Chef.

“Santorini has long served as a place of inspiration for me,” said Chef Lefteris Lazarou. “It is a dream realized to collaborate with Grace Hotel and the culinary visionaries at Auberge Resorts Collection. Varoulko Santorini will marry the island’s freshest flavours with the artistry of Athens for a truly unforgettable fine dining experience rooted in the surrounding land and sea.”

This new establishment promises a journey through the Mediterranean’s finest flavours, focusing on seafood enhanced by organic produce, local grains, and fresh herbs and spices. Chef Lazarou’s signature dishes, such as squid with pesto Genovese and crayfish tartar with fresh basil and zesty yuzu, showcase the high-quality ingredients sourced from the island. This dining experience is set against the backdrop of Santorini’s famous sunset views, in a space designed for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

In addition to its culinary advancements, the hotel’s 363 Bar has undergone a creative transformation under the guidance of Thanos Prunarus, founder of Baba Au Rum in Athens—a bar consistently listed among the top bars in the world. Prunarus has crafted an avant-garde mixology menu featuring premium spirits from around the globe, with a special focus on rum, reflecting the island’s vibrant atmosphere. The new cocktail offerings include original Baba Au Rum tiki and rum cocktails as well as bespoke drinks designed specifically for the hotel, establishing 363 Bar as a premier destination for luxury cocktails on Santorini.

This season also marks the launch of a new experiences program at Grace Hotel, driven by authentic local traditions and lesser-known Santorini locales. The program offers a range of culinary experiences, including honey tastings, private sunset picnics, and cooking classes with a Greek yaya (grandmother). Artistic pursuits like Greek sandal making and pottery are available, along with adventure excursions such as jet ski safaris, hidden hikes guided by locals, and scuba diving in the island’s clear volcanic waters. This comprehensive program is designed to connect guests with the rich traditions and natural beauty of Santorini, offering a deeper, more engaging travel experience.

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