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Louis Moinet Geopolis Opal

The Geopolis Opal features a dynamic opal-studded design with ten opals on a black onyx dial and two more within the watch, including one in the tourbillon cage. Share

Louis Moinet recently introduced an exclusive, single edition timepiece—the Geopolis Opal—a watch which captivates with its ever-changing colours as light dances across them, turning the watch into an animated spectacle of visual art. It features ten opals delicately set on tiny pedestals against a stark black onyx dial, creating a captivating rainbow effect. At the heart of the dial, a larger opal disc is prominently featured, while the twelfth opal is cleverly integrated at the back of the tourbillon cage, positioned right beneath the regulating mechanism’s pulsating core.

The opal, known as the “light of the world,” has a storied history enriched with myth and legend. For instance, Indian mythology narrates that the Goddess of the Rainbow transformed into an opal to evade her pursuers. For the Geopolis Opal, the chosen variant is the crystal opal, renowned for its vivid, entrancing colour spectrum.

Louis Moinet Geopolis Opal

The intricate process of shaping and polishing each opal demands exceptional skill and patience, tasks entrusted to the skilled hands of gem cutter Daniel Haas, a close friend of Jean-Marie Schaller. These opals are carefully reduced to discs only 0.5 mm thick, ensuring their delicate beauty is preserved while being prepared for their role within the dial.

The dial itself is an ode to the mastery of dial-makers who expertly arranged the opals to maximize the rainbow-like effect. The timepiece features a spectacularly executed off-centre tourbillon located at the 6 o’clock position on the subdial, defining the watch’s commitment to haute horlogerie. This flying tourbillon, paired with a hand-wound movement equipped with dual barrel springs arranged in a “volte-face” configuration—one barrel placed upside-down over the other—enables a robust ninety-six-hour power reserve by allowing simultaneous energy delivery.

Louis Moinet Geopolis Opal

Encasing this horological marvel is a red gold case, measuring 40 millimetres in diameter. It boasts sleek, fluid lines and a sophisticated sapphire crystal dome protects the components and enhances the visibility of the opals’ vibrant interplay of colours. The design is completed with open-worked lugs that seamlessly integrate with the bracelet, further elevating the overall elegance of the watch.

Technical Specifications
Guide Price
CHF 160,000
Limited Edition of 1 pieces
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