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Mansory has given the Rolls-Royce Spectre a haute makeover

These customizations include a full carbon bonnet, individualized full leather interiors, advanced carbon interiors, and forged lightweight wheels available in 23 and 24 inches. Share

Mansory has unveiled a comprehensive modification of the Rolls-Royce Spectre, introducing an array of high-end enhancements to this already luxurious vehicle. The transformation includes a total revamp of the vehicle, a hood crafted entirely from carbon, a fully customized leather interior, an interior accentuated with advanced carbon features, and a set of forged, polished lightweight wheels under the designation “FD.15,” available in both 23 and 24 inches.

Rolls-Royce has embraced electric mobility with the Spectre, elevating it to unprecedented levels of luxury and performance. This move signifies the brand’s commitment to maintaining a prominent role in the era of electric vehicles. Mansory, with over three decades of expertise in luxury automobile enhancements, has ensured that this model is a continuation of their tradition of excellence in modifying high-end automobiles.

Mansory’s approach involves altering nearly every exterior component of the vehicle, opting for carbon due to its lightweight and high strength. These carbon components are meticulously crafted in-house, using autoclaves to ensure exceptional quality. This expertise reflects the high standards Mansory has set in the automotive industry, showcasing the skill and experience of their engineers and designers.

The vehicle’s front end has been significantly redesigned. It features an integrated front lip with side flaps, constructed from visible carbon, and a customizable, color-illuminated radiator grille that adds a subtle but impactful touch. The carbon hood, adorned with a visible carbon pattern and complemented by LED daytime running lights, rounds off the extensive front modifications.

On the sides, low-profile carbon sills create a unified design flow. Carbon fibre air outlets in the fenders and black-painted door handles further contribute to the vehicle’s enhanced aesthetic, giving the Spectre a more robust, lower, and sportier appearance. At the rear, a striking spoiler and a matching aerodynamic diffuser, both crafted from carbon, work to increase downforce on the rear axle. These elements, along with carbon surrounds for the tail lights, accentuate the rear profile of the vehicle effectively. The rear diffuser is also available with an optional central brake light.

The interior of the Spectre receives equal attention to detail, featuring the finest materials typical of the Rolls-Royce brand. The upholstery work includes luxurious leather, a sporty steering wheel that combines leather and carbon, and extended carbon inlays that catch the eye. The door panels and dashboard incorporate LED lighting, which enhances the intricate details of the interior design, creating a warm ambience that accentuates the luxury of the vehicle at all times. Carbon pedals and plush floor mats add a final touch of refinement to the interior, ensuring that the vehicle’s cabin is as visually stunning as it is comfortable.

For the wheels, customers can choose between two sets of rims, both styled as “FD.15.” These rims are forged and polished to handle the significant weight of the all-electric Spectre, with sizes and tyre specifications provided for both 23-inch and 24-inch options. Each wheelset features fixed hub caps emblazoned with the Mansory logo.

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