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Merging art and engineering in Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport

Bugatti's Customer Service team transforms a Chiron Super Sport into a bespoke masterpiece, exemplifying the brand's commitment to realizing clients' creative visions. Share

In the realm of luxury automobiles, Bugatti stands as a paragon of limitless creativity and the fulfillment of unique visions. This ethos is exemplified in a recent undertaking by Bugatti’s Customer Service team, prompted by a client’s desire to transform his already-delivered Chiron Super Sport to mirror the distinct aesthetics of his wife’s custom-designed model.

The origin of this bespoke project lies in the shared enthusiasm for Bugatti by a husband and wife, both connoisseurs of the brand’s hyper sports cars. In a celebration of their passion, they each acquired a Chiron Super Sport, with the husband’s delivery preceding his wife’s.

Merging art and engineering in Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport

As his wife’s car took shape under the guidance of Bugatti’s Sur Mesure team, a distinctive design vision emerged, deeply influenced by the Veyron L’Or Blanc. Her car, adorned in a vibrant fusion of Rosso Efesto and Arancia Mira, was meticulously hand-painted in a style named “Vagues de Lumière”—a nod to the play of light reflections. This artistic concept, reminiscent of the iconic L’Or Blanc, was not only a tribute to an earlier masterpiece but also a source of inspiration for her husband.

Captivated by the unique aesthetic of his wife’s vehicle, the husband sought to reimagine his Chiron Super Sport in a similar vein. Embracing this request, Bugatti’s Customer Service team embarked on a meticulous transformation process, shipping the car from Tennessee to Molsheim for a comprehensive makeover.

Merging art and engineering in Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport

The transformation was a masterclass in precision and artistry. The vehicle underwent significant alterations, including the replacement of the carbon fiber bonnet, roof, engine cover, and rear wing, and the installation of a new Sky View roof. The process demanded the removal of the interior to protect it from the dust generated during these modifications.

At the heart of this transformation was the application of French Racing Blue stripes, meticulously hand-painted over the black carbon fiber body. Inspired by his wife’s design, the husband’s car was to feature a similar theme of dynamic light reflections. Each stripe, carefully applied, contributed to the creation of a unique, flowing pattern, imbuing the car with a sense of motion and vibrancy.

Merging art and engineering in Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport

The meticulous attention to detail extended beyond the car’s exterior. Inside, bespoke elements were incorporated to complement the external design. The wheels, initially finished in black, were reimagined to include elements of French Racing Blue, seamlessly integrating with the car’s new color scheme. Additionally, the name ‘Coup de Foudre’—signifying both a ‘bolt of lightning’ and ‘love at first sight’—was hand-painted in strategic locations, further personalizing the car.

This project underscores Bugatti’s ability to transform its vehicles into personalized works of art, regardless of the time elapsed since their initial delivery.

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