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Raffles Bali is the epitome of secluded luxury in Jimbaran’s lush hills

This luxurious retreat, designed to mirror a traditional Balinese village, is celebrated for its private beach, cultural journeys, and exceptional service. Share

Raffles Bali, an intimate oasis of emotional well-being, stands as a testament to a dream realized–a luxurious resort where each villa boasts unrivaled ocean and sunset views. Since its inception in 1984, this haven has become a reality with 32 spacious and exquisitely designed private villas in Jimbaran, offering guests a chance to immerse themselves in Bali’s breathtaking natural beauty.

The resort is a secluded paradise, set apart from the lively Jimbaran Beach, offering guests a private beach that feels like a hidden oasis. Thoughtfully situated villas utilize the natural terrain, creating a generous space filled with vibrant native flora, providing a serene and exclusive retreat.

Raffles Bali is the epitome of secluded luxury in Jimbaran’s lush hills

Raffles Bali is a symphony of harmonious design and respect for the local environment, reflected in its use of abundant limestone and splendid water features that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The resort pays homage to Bali’s rich culture, offering guests opportunities to delve into the island’s legends and rituals through various Balinese cultural journeys organized by Raffles Wellbeing Butlers.

The resort’s accommodation options are a luxury unto themselves. Each villa, from the Ocean Pool Villas to the Raffles Presidential Villa, offers panoramic ocean views, abundant sunlight, and outdoor showers and baths. The interiors pay tribute to local craftsmanship with rustic rattan furniture and batik tapestry, complementing the stunning views of private gardens and the ocean.

Raffles Bali is the epitome of secluded luxury in Jimbaran’s lush hills

Raffles Bali’s culinary experiences are diverse and exceptional. Rumari, located at the resort’s highest point, serves Indonesian and Balinese cuisines crafted from local ingredients, and has the distinction of being the first Krug Ambassade in Indonesia. Loloan Beach Bar and Grill offers a laid-back beach vibe, perfect for enjoying artisan pizzas and fresh seafood. The Writers Bar, an iconic spot for sundowners, features traditional Balinese architecture and décor, and is accompanied by a Library showcasing local artists’ works. The Farm Terrace at Raffles Bali is an experiential journey into the world of local cuisine, where guests can learn to create authentic recipes and infused cocktails.

Raffles Bali is the epitome of secluded luxury in Jimbaran’s lush hills

The resort’s location is a mere half-hour limousine transfer from Ngurah Rai International Airport, transitioning from the bustling streets of Jimbaran to sun-dappled gardens and tranquility. Every villa in this beachfront resort offers panoramic views of the ocean, enhanced by the lush tropical gardens that surround it.

Raffles Spa offers a serene retreat for relaxation, with treatments inspired by Balinese and Southeast Asian healing practices. The facilities, including yoga and meditation sessions, cater to the physical and emotional well-being of guests. Raffles Bali’s extensive range of facilities and services includes a daily a la carte wellbeing breakfast at Rumari, 24-hour Raffles Wellbeing Butler service, personalized gifts, and a host of other luxurious amenities designed for the discerning traveller.

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