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The Chedi Hegra to open as first hotel in Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra

The Chedi Hegra will offer 35 bespoke guest rooms, each with its own distinct connection to the Hegra landscape, a breathtaking testimony of human expression within the natural environment. Share

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) will soon bring an unparalleled luxury hospitality experience to northwest Saudi Arabia with the introduction of The Chedi Hegra. The project, managed by luxury hotel management company General Hotel Management Ltd (GHM), is set to redefine luxury tourism in the heart of the ancient Nabataean site, making it the first hotel of its kind within a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Scheduled to open in the month of August 2024, The Chedi Hegra will be nestled within Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra. This marks a significant milestone in the luxury hospitality sector, offering 35 bespoke guest rooms. Each room is meticulously designed to forge a deep connection with the Hegra landscape, a site celebrated for its breathtaking interplay of human expression and natural beauty. The hotel’s design strategy integrates seamlessly with the surrounding environment, ensuring that the ancient narrative of Hegra is preserved and accentuated by the modern luxuries that The Chedi Hegra will offer.

The hotel is being carefully integrated into several existing structures, including an old railway station, Hegra Fort, and other surrounding buildings. This approach respects the site’s history, with structural and exterior walls, some featuring historical mud-brick construction, being conserved and melded with contemporary architectural elements. A significant portion of the UNESCO World Heritage Site will remain untouched by the construction, safeguarded by RCU’s commitment to maintain the integrity of Hegra’s remarkable human and natural legacy.

RCU’s vision for The Chedi Hegra aligns with the Sustainability Charter for AlUla. The project embraces a light-touch tourism approach, utilizing local construction materials and labor wherever possible, and integrating an all-electric mobility system. These measures minimize the environmental impact and contribute to the local economy by creating at least 120 job opportunities upon the hotel’s completion.

The Chedi Hegra to open as first hotel in Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra

The Chedi Hegra will offer an exquisite array of amenities and services, ensuring guests a truly immersive experience. The property is set to feature three fine-dining restaurants, each providing a unique culinary journey that reflects the diverse flavors and traditions of the region. One restaurant will be housed within the old railway station, complete with an exhibition of carefully preserved artifacts, including a fully-restored train.

Another will find its home within the Hegra Fort, offering guests a taste of history with their meal. A third restaurant will boast unobstructed views from a sunken water basin seating area, allowing diners to fully immerse themselves in the stunning landscape.

The Chedi Hegra to open as first hotel in Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra

In addition to its culinary offerings, The Chedi Hegra will include a café and a full-service spa and pool. The spa will serve as a sanctuary for wellness and relaxation, offering a range of treatments designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. The hotel’s pools will provide a tranquil escape, with infinity edges that seem to blend into the horizon, offering sweeping views of the dramatic desert landscape. Many of the hotel’s buildings will be interconnected by an overhead art canopy, a thoughtful addition that focuses on wind movement and natural light.

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