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Atzaro Okavango Camp is all set to become the next luxury escape in Botswana’s Wilderness

This luxury camp features 12 suites, including two private-use villas, each equipped with modern amenities like plunge pools, open-air "star beds," and decks overlooking the lagoon. Share

Atzaró Okavango Camp, poised to open in May 2024, marks the latest venture by the Atzaró Group into the African wilderness, specifically within the northern reaches of Botswana’s acclaimed Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta. This new establishment is strategically located on a sprawling 425-square-mile private concession, promising an exclusive and intimate safari experience away from the more frequented tourist paths.

The camp’s accommodation options are meticulously planned to ensure privacy and immersion in the natural surroundings. Twelve suites are on offer, including two that serve as private-use villas, catering to guests who prefer an even more secluded experience. Each suite is designed to blend seamlessly with the environment while providing luxurious comforts. They feature individual plunge pools and unique open-air “star beds,” enabling guests to sleep under the African sky. Decks extend from each suite, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding lagoon and waterways, allowing guests to witness the rich biodiversity of the delta from the comfort of their accommodations.

Attention to detail is evident in the design and furnishings of each suite. Parquet flooring adds warmth and elegance, while the use of French mid-century furnishings and a handpicked selection of linens, antiques, and artwork infuses each space with character and charm. Modern amenities such as air conditioning, high-speed WiFi, and en-suite facilities with outdoor showers and brass bathtubs have been thoughtfully included to enhance guest comfort.

Central to Atzaró Okavango Camp is the lodge, envisioned as a communal hub where guests can dine, relax, and engage with art and culture. The lodge will house a restaurant, bar, and boma—a traditional outdoor area where guests can gather around a fire. Additionally, an African art gallery, art shop, and wine cellar are planned to provide guests with a deeper understanding of African heritage and the opportunity to take home a piece of their journey. The 20-meter pool, gym, and spa facilities are designed to offer relaxation and wellness opportunities, reflecting the camp’s commitment to providing a holistic safari experience.

The range of activities available at Atzaró Okavango Camp is extensive, encompassing private game drives, community visits, guided safari hikes, and stargazing sessions, among others. Helicopter tours offer a bird’s-eye view of the delta’s intricate waterways, while mokoro canoe expeditions provide a closer look at the aquatic life. Each private villa comes with its own vehicle and ranger, ensuring personalized sunrise and sunset wildlife drives, as well as a helicopter stationed at the lodge for aerial adventures.

Atzaró Okavango Camp has entered into a partnership with African Bush Camps, leveraging their extensive local knowledge and expertise in safari experiences to ensure guests receive the highest quality guidance and insight during their stay. This collaboration underscores the camp’s commitment to offering authentic and enriching safari adventures.

In terms of environmental responsibility, Atzaró Okavango Camp is actively involved in various conservation projects aimed at rejuvenating the natural habitat and supporting the flora and fauna ecosystems of the Okavango Delta. The camp collaborates with anti-poaching patrols to protect the area’s diverse wildlife and has implemented several sustainability initiatives, including a solar farm and a water purification and re-mineralization system, to minimize its environmental footprint.

The Okavango Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is renowned for its dynamic ecosystem, which supports a vast array of wildlife. Atzaró Okavango Camp is perfectly positioned to offer guests intimate encounters with this biodiversity, facilitated by experienced guides from African Bush Camps. The camp’s strategic location and the array of activities designed to explore the delta’s natural beauty ensure that guests will have a truly memorable safari experience, marked by personal discovery and adventure.

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