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Violino d’Oro: A harmonious blend of boutique luxury and Venice’s rich artistic heritage

This boutique hotel, cradled by three historic edifices, presents a seamless blend of Venice's storied past and its modern-day allure. Share

With a grand debut close to Venice’s Canal of San Mois, Violino d’Oro’s opulent charm intertwines hospitality and artistry—a 5-star experience that can be defined by culturally immersed luxury. This boutique hotel, nestled within the embrace of three historic buildings, is a mosaic of Venice’s rich heritage and contemporary elegance. Each of its entrances offers a unique narrative of the city’s diverse character: the vibrant life off Calle Larga XXII Marzo, the serene waterways off Rio di San Moise, and a tranquil square that provides a moment of peace amidst the city’s lively rhythm.

The Violino d’Oro’s distinct doorways were not originally planned but emerged from the architectural fusion of the buildings. This advantageous design aligns with the owners’ view of Venice as a city of multiple layers and stories, welcoming visitors from various paths. This philosophy is evident throughout the hotel, where attention to detail and a passion for Venice’s multifaceted beauty are manifest in every element, from design nuances to the culinary artistry of Chef Stefano Santo.

The vision behind the Violino d’Oro is deeply rooted in the heritage of the Maestrelli family, renowned for their dedication to hospitality and the arts. Spearheaded by Sara Maestrelli and her aunt, Elena, the hotel is a passion project that complements their Collezione Em, a collection that celebrates Italian elegance and history. For them, Venice was a natural extension of their love for Italy’s art-filled cities, aiming to create a space that feels less like a hotel and more like a home infused with beauty and warmth.

Upon entering the Violino d’Oro, guests step into a realm where the past and present merge seamlessly. The hotel’s rebirth from 17th-century palaces into a boutique haven is a tribute to Italian craftsmanship, showcasing everything from luxurious Rubelli fabrics and glowing Venini chandeliers to bespoke Ginori ceramics. Contemporary artistic expressions also find their home here, with unique pieces that breathe new life into the historic walls.

Each space within the hotel, including the inviting lobby lounge and the opulent salotto, is designed to reflect the essence of Venetian aesthetics, blending rich history with modern luxury. The rooms and suites, each with a unique layout and design, offer sanctuaries of comfort. Adorned with a palette of soothing colours, luxurious furnishings, and thoughtful amenities, they promise a restful retreat from the vibrant cityscape.

The culinary journey at the Violino d’Oro is led by Chef Stefano Santo, whose commitment to sustainability and local flavours enriches the Venetian dining experience. Il Piccolo, the hotel’s restaurant, offers an intimate ambience where guests can savour dishes that highlight the best of Venetian cuisine, crafted with care and creativity.

The essence of the Violino d’Oro extends beyond its physical beauty to the personalised service offered by its team. Guests are encouraged to explore Venice through the eyes of locals, with recommendations for hidden gems and experiences that reveal the city’s true spirit. The hotel’s location, a stone’s throw from iconic sites and exquisite dining, makes it a perfect base for those seeking to immerse themselves in Venice’s enchanting allure.

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