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Introducing the Rosewood Blue Palace in Crete, Greece

Infused with local culture and history, this sanctuary is a testament to luxury and tradition, poised to become a pinnacle of European elegance in 2025. Share

In a move that marries the timeless charm of the Mediterranean with Rosewood’s distinct sense of sophistication, Rosewood unveiled an addition of Rosewood Blue Palace in Crete, Greece. Slated to welcome guests in 2025, this new jewel in Rosewood’s crown will offer a serene escape infused with the storied culture and majestic landscapes of the Greek islands.

Rosewood Blue Palace will form a bridge between the mythic past and an indulgent present. Crete, the island where the Minoans, Europe’s first advanced society, thrived, is a place where history is etched into every rocky cove and windswept hill. With its crystal-clear waters, white pebble beaches, and dramatic mountain vistas, Crete encapsulates the essence of natural splendor, offering a backdrop against which Rosewood Blue Palace will proudly stand.

Owned by Phāea Resorts, an entity with a keen understanding of luxury and heritage, the reimagined resort will become a physical embodiment of Rosewood’s ‘A Sense of Place’ philosophy. This ethos seeks not just to create a space for travellers but to craft an experience that’s deeply rooted in the locale’s landscape, culture, and history. Every facet of the resort, from its layout to its décor, will be a homage to Cretan elegance, promising an authentic, immersive experience for the discerning traveller.

Introducing the Rosewood Blue Palace in Crete, Greece

The strategic placement of Rosewood Blue Palace is a testament to the brand’s commitment to context and environment. Tucked between the quaint fishing village of Plaka and the chic port town of Elounda, the resort is designed to offer an oasis that harmonizes with its surroundings, providing a conduit for guests to connect with the island’s rich cultural tapestry. This is not just a resort but a sanctuary, a place where the hustle of the world fades into the gentle lapping of the Mediterranean waves.

The Grecian architectural firm K-Studio, recognized for their work that reverberates with Grecian aesthetics, will shape the interiors of the 154 rooms and suites, ensuring that tradition melds seamlessly with modern luxury. In keeping with the brand’s bespoke ethos, 85 of these accommodations will feature private pools, offering guests their secluded slice of paradise.

Adding to this allure is the culinary journey envisioned by the renowned Greek-born, London-based interior designer Afroditi Krassa. Known for her ability to capture the essence of a place within the spaces she designs, Krassa will transform the resort’s six dining outlets into a feast for the senses. Whether it’s the beach club’s relaxed vibe or the specialty restaurants’ sophisticated ambiance, each will offer gastronomic delights that are deeply rooted in the island’s rich culinary traditions.

Introducing the Rosewood Blue Palace in Crete, Greece

The resort’s comprehensive wellness offerings will feature Asaya, Rosewood’s integrative well-being concept. Guests can expect a holistic approach to rejuvenation, with facilities including a state-of-the-art fitness center, a movement studio, a yoga pavilion, and spaces dedicated to hydrotherapy treatments. Additionally, the resort’s three outdoor pools, tailored for both adults and children, will boast sweeping oceanic panoramas, inviting guests to plunge into the tranquility of Crete’s azure waters.

This highly anticipated opening is indicative of Rosewood’s thoughtful and deliberate growth strategy, which involves curating unique properties that resonate with the locale’s heart and spirit.

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