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Louis Moinet Savanna Tourbillon Panda

This limited-edition timepiece features an innovative jigsaw puzzle dial, hand-painted with meticulous detail, showcasing an enchanting panda portrait, and is powered by a flying tourbillon. Share

Louis Moinet has embodied the concept of integrating animal art and horological craftsmanship to its fullest with the Savanna Tourbillon Panda, an exquisite piece where métiers d’art meets haute horlogerie in an unprecedented fashion. The dial is more than just a face for time; it is a miniature puzzle, requiring an exceptional level of dexterity and artistic mastery to bring to life the serene image of a panda, a creature synonymous with peace and natural beauty.

“Each SAVANNA TOURBILLON has been conceived as a canvas for virtuosic artists and thus expresses the perfect merger of métiers d’art with haute horlogerie.” Jean-Marie Schaller, Owner and Creative Director.

The watch’s dial challenges the norms of traditional watchmaking, presenting a complex puzzle composed of eighty-one pieces meticulously assembled across four levels. The depth and dimensionality of the puzzle dial create an engaging visual spectacle, compelling the viewer to appreciate the painstaking effort taken to paint even the smallest edges with absolute precision. Once the artist disassembles and paints each piece, they reassemble the puzzle, ensuring that the image of the peaceful panda is flawless and lifelike.

Beyond the artistic allure, the Savanna Tourbillon Panda harbors within its intricate casing a mesmerizing flying tourbillon. Located at 6 o’clock, this marvel of engineering corrects for gravitational errors, captivating onlookers with its rhythmic dance. The hand-wound mechanical heart of the watch is endowed with twin barrels arranged in a ‘volte-face’ configuration, allowing for a prodigious 96-hour power reserve.

Louis Moinet Savanna Tourbillon Panda

Enshrining this masterpiece is a luxuriant 18-carat 5N pink-gold case measuring 40 millimeters in diameter. The flowing lines and curves of the case, together with the domed sapphire crystal, serve not only as protection but also as a window into the soul of the watch. The transparency of the crystal provides an unhindered view of the detailed puzzle dial and the elegant ballet of the tourbillon.

The open-worked horns gracefully transition into a luxurious black alligator strap, culminating in a wearable masterpiece that marries the intricacies of horology with the finesse of fine art. The Savanna Tourbillon Panda, in its limited-edition grandeur, invites connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to witness a first in fine-arts watchmaking—an innovative micro-painting on a jigsaw puzzle dial, a feature unrivaled in its complexity and beauty. Each piece that forms part of the Savanna Tourbillon Panda collection is a tribute to the artisans who deftly wield their tools to transform a conglomeration of components into a singular, harmonious narrative.

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Guide Price
CHF 140,000
Limited Edition of 1 pieces
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