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Louis Moinet Savanna Tourbillon Cobra

Louis Moinet's Savanna Tourbillon Cobra merges avant-garde horology with an exquisite micro-painted cobra, creating a spellbinding visual experience on a first-of-its-kind jigsaw puzzle dial. Share

Louis Moinet’s Savanna Tourbillon Cobraseamlessly melds the meticulous craft of watchmaking with the evocative power of miniature painting, all upon the canvas of a jigsaw puzzle dial—a pioneering endeavor in the annals of fine-arts watchmaking.

The Savanna Tourbillon Cobra is a tableau vivant on the wrist, chronicling the ancient mythos of the cobra through a masterful depiction that seems to pulse with vitality beneath the watch glass. The canvas, an intricately designed jigsaw puzzle, comprises eighty-one pieces arrayed across four planes of depth, creating a play of perspective that breathes life into the painted serpent.

Before the serpent’s likeness emerges, however, each puzzle piece is individually painted—an act requiring a steady hand and an artist’s soul. This ritual of disassembly and reassembly is as deliberate as it is demanding, calling for a confluence of patience and precision.

Louis Moinet Savanna Tourbillon Cobra

Dominating the watch’s face, the cobra stands sentinel, rendered with such exacting detail that one can nearly sense the muscle coiled beneath scale, the latent power in its poised hood. It is an emblem not chosen at random; the cobra’s visage commands respect and channels the watchmaker’s own defiance of the commonplace and the ordinary.

Lurking beneath this artistry is the watch’s mechanical heart—the flying tourbillon. Nestled asymmetrically, it operates silently, counteracting gravity’s pull on the watch’s precision. Its placement is both functional and mesmerizing, offering a kinetic counterpoint to the static grandeur above. This mechanical marvel is supported by a meticulously engineered hand-wound movement, its twin barrels offering a reservoir of energy that powers the watch across a span of four days.

Cradling this intricate medley of art and engineering is a case of 18-carat rose gold, its curves echoing the undulations of the cobra itself. The craftsmanship extends to the sapphire crystal dome, a transparent bulwark that both shields and showcases the dial’s complexity. Completing this symphony of design are the horns, artfully skeletonized to meld with the wristband, a harmonious conclusion to the case’s architectural elegance.

Guide Price
CHF 140,000
Limited Edition of 1 pieces
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