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Collegio alla Querce: A fusion of history and modernity in Florence’s Auberge Resort

Nestled in Florence, Italy, Collegio alla Querce, managed by Auberge Resorts Collection, merges historic Renaissance charm with contemporary luxury. Share

Collegio alla Querce, part of the Auberge Resorts Collection, is a resplendent blend of historical reverence and modern luxury, situated in the enchanting city of Florence, Italy. This exquisite resort, set to open in 2024, represents a seamless integration of Florentine elegance and Tuscan hospitality, offering a unique window into Italian culture.

The resort is located just three miles from the iconic Duomo di Firenze, set on a hill on the north side of Florence’s historic city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stretches across beautifully manicured gardens, surrounded by majestic oak trees, which lend their name to the resort (Collegio alla Querce translates to “College at the Oaks”)​​.

Collegio alla Querce: A fusion of history and modernity in Florence’s Auberge Resort

The property was originally a cultural institution and boarding school, comprising three adjacent 16th-century buildings, including a chapel and theater. These historical structures have been meticulously restored and transformed into a luxury hotel. The resort encompasses 82 rooms, including 61 guest rooms, 20 suites, and a magnificent 2,250-square-foot signature suite. The design of these accommodations reflects Florence’s timeless Renaissance heritage, featuring a rich palette of taupe and cabernet reds, contemporary furnishings, and hand-selected objets d’art. Large windows provide guests with views over the manicured Baroque gardens and the historic cityscape​​​​.

Collegio alla Querce: A fusion of history and modernity in Florence’s Auberge Resort

The essence of the resort is captured in its harmonious design, where Old World sensibility meets modern touches. The heart of the hotel is a skylit indoor garden adorned with lemon trees and a commanding fireplace, creating an ideal space for all-day lounging. The terraced gardens, a five-level Baroque masterpiece, bloom with fragrant wisteria and bougainvillea.

Guests can spend sun-dappled afternoons by the pool in private cabanas under ancestral oak trees, or enjoy evening wine tastings and social gatherings in historic rooms or on the starlit terrace of the Principe Bar​​. The restored Italian Renaissance chapel and theater offer a romantic backdrop for weddings and social affairs. The Baroque Garden, a work of art in itself, epitomizes the property’s storied history and the region’s renowned hospitality​​.

Collegio alla Querce: A fusion of history and modernity in Florence’s Auberge Resort

The culinary experience at Collegio alla Querce is a tribute to Tuscan artistry. The resort’s restaurant serves global and regional classics, from crispy wood-fired pizza to hand-cut pappardelle with wild boar ragù, in a traditional salumeria kitchen. Guests can also enjoy cocktails in the all-glass conservatory bar and lounge or dine in the enchanting garden pavilion. For a quintessential Tuscan experience, the resort offers an outdoor pool bar and a Tuscan ‘bosco’ garden for aperitifs around a firepit​​.

Analjit Singh, founder, Leeu Collection, notes, “We made a conscious decision several years ago to focus on creating exceptional experiences for our guests by joining forces with the best-in-class in the fields of wine-making, dining out and artistic endeavours, so it gives me great pleasure to have the award-winning team at Auberge Resorts Collection manage our property in Florence. The approach taken by Auberge Resorts Collection is very much in keeping with the Leeu Collection ethos of crafting unrivaled luxury escapes that work with and promote the finest partners in the locality. This collaboration therefore feels like a natural fit and we look forward to working with them to build a sensational destination.”

Collegio alla Querce: A fusion of history and modernity in Florence’s Auberge Resort

Beyond the resort, Florence offers an abundance of cultural treasures. Guests can partake in daily cooking classes, wine tastings at the on-site enoteca, bespoke tours of Florence’s world-class museums, and shopping in artisan districts. The surrounding Chianti countryside, with its lyrical landscapes, invites exploration, whether strolling along the Arno River and Boboli Gardens or cruising in a vintage roadster​​.

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