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Urwerk UR-100V Stardust

The Stardust redefines luxury horology while paying tribute to the cosmic elements that make up the universe—and us. Share

Journey through time and space with Urwerk’s latest marvel, the UR-100V Stardust. This breathtaking timepiece is not just a watch but an astronomical odyssey, adorned with 400 meticulously arranged diamonds and equipped with features that measure Earth’s celestial voyage.

The night sky has long been the muse of poets, astronomers, and artists. But seldom has the celestial tapestry inspired a creation as dazzling as the UR-100V Stardust by Urwerk. This magnificent timepiece fuses stellar aesthetics with groundbreaking engineering, transcending the very definition of luxury horology.

Urwerk UR-100V Stardust

With 400 diamonds set in a technique known as snow-setting, the watch evokes the randomness and awe-inspiring grandeur of a night sky. According to Felix Baumgartner, master watchmaker and co-founder of Urwerk, the aim was to create “a setting reminiscent of the starry heavens, with nothing at all uniform, more like ordered chaos.” This laborious task was especially challenging due to the steel casing, a material less forgiving than gold but offering its own unique sheen and resilience. The minutes scale under the crystal globe is itself graced with 36 diamonds, adding an extra layer of opulence to the timepiece.

Urwerk UR-100V Stardust

But the UR-100V Stardust isn’t merely a static piece of jewelry. It embodies movement—not just of cogs and springs, but of the Earth itself. Like all watches in Urwerk’s 100 collection, it includes two kilometer counters: one showcasing Earth’s rotation on its axis every 20 minutes, and the other illustrating the planet’s voyage around the Sun. With these features, the watch becomes a living document of our ceaseless journey through space.

Beneath its mesmerizing exterior lies a robust, precise movement that makes the UR-100V Stardust a pinnacle of horological engineering. The wandering hour movement—a signature of Urwerk’s unique approach to time-telling—adds to its narrative of celestial travel. The watch is a dynamic interplay of form and function, where aesthetic choices serve both visual and metaphorical purposes. It is a grand stage on which the drama of time and space unfolds every second.

Urwerk UR-100V Stardust

Crafting this celestial masterpiece required an unparalleled level of craftsmanship. Each of the 400 diamonds (VVS1, Color D), spanning eight different formats, was handpicked and meticulously arranged. The buckles too were given a luxurious treatment with rows of diamonds, turning even the most functional components into works of art. This exacting attention to detail underscores Urwerk’s commitment to both aesthetic and technical excellence.

In a world cluttered with ephemeral gimmicks and disposable luxuries, the UR-100V Stardust stands as a testament to enduring grandeur and ingenuity. It captures our awe for the universe and compresses it into a case of steel and diamond, reminding us that we too are made of stardust.

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