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The Scenic Eclipse II offers an adventure of a lifetime

From polar expeditions to Caribbean escapes, this state-of-the-art Discovery Yacht takes voyaging to new heights, offering guests unparalleled amenities and transformative experiences. Share

When you think of cruises, the idea of sunshine and endless buffets might come to mind. But Scenic Cruises, a pioneer in the luxury cruising sector, is pushing the boundaries of what a cruise can and should be with its newest offering: Scenic Eclipse II. This state-of-the-art Discovery Yacht is not just an addition to the fleet; it’s a herald of a new era in luxury travel.

As the near-identical sister ship to the pioneering Scenic Eclipse, this new yacht embodies the same level of commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and extraordinary experiences. Constructed at the shipyard in Rijeka, Croatia, by MKM Yachts, a subsidiary of Scenic Group, this yacht is the epitome of cutting-edge maritime technology and design.

The Scenic Eclipse II offers an adventure of a lifetime

But why stop at twin sister status when you can outshine? That seems to be the philosophy behind the Scenic Eclipse II. Built with input from both guests and crew of its predecessor, the yacht boasts several enhancements, including an expanded Senses Spa and a more generously sized pool and outdoor area on Deck 10. The in-house shipyard provided Scenic Group with complete control over every nut, bolt, and flourish, allowing a seamless transformation from dream to reality.

The addition of Scenic Eclipse II to the fleet continues the mission to bring once-in-a-lifetime exploration to guests. The Discovery Yachts are unique in that they can handle extreme and diverse conditions, meaning they can go from the icy waters of the Arctic and Antarctic to the warmth of the Caribbean, and explore ports and coves that larger vessels just cannot access.

The Scenic Eclipse II offers an adventure of a lifetime

Andrea Stafford, Sales Director said “We are intent on innovating and raising the game in the ultra-luxury cruise sector and are doing this by refining the on-board experience and delivering exciting new destinations. There is no limit to our ambition, which is what our discerning guests expect.”

Indeed, the Scenic Eclipse II promises an unparalleled itinerary. While its first season will feature voyages through the Mediterranean, Scotland, the Americas, and the Caribbean, come 2024, the ship will also venture into Australian, Polynesian, and Indonesian waters. With a hull robust enough for polar expeditions and a design sleek enough for Mediterranean soirees, the Scenic Eclipse II offers the best of both worlds.

The Scenic Eclipse II offers an adventure of a lifetime

Of course, the term “all-inclusive” takes on new meaning aboard the Scenic Eclipse II. Forget the hidden fees and add-ons; your booking cost covers everything. We’re talking flights, transfers, fine dining experiences, premium beverages, and excursions that are as immersive as they are luxurious. Picture yourself exploring remote landing sites in a Zodiac, soaring over breathtaking landscapes in a luxury helicopter, or delving into the depths in a six-person submarine—which are daily options aboard the Scenic Eclipse II.

In an industry where innovation often means bigger ships and more amenities, Scenic Cruises has chosen a different path. Scenic Eclipse II aims to redefine what a cruise ship can be. Bookings start from September 2023; prepare to set sail on a voyage that will redefine your very idea of travel.

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