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Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Dazzling Night & Day

Jaeger-LeCoultre unveils two new expressions of the Rendez-Vous Dazzling Night & Day collection featuring full diamond-set dials, a first for this collection. Share

Jaeger-LeCoultre once again impresses the world of haute horlogerie with the introduction of two expressions of the Rendez-Vous Dazzling Night & Day. Not only do these timepieces bring a new level of sparkle to the Rendez-Vous Dazzling range, but they also elevate the entire collection into the distinguished sphere of High Jewellery. Both are characterized by fully diamond-set dials, enhancing the two circles of diamonds that define the bezel – the unmistakable signature of the Rendez-Vous Dazzling. The first model stands out with a vibrant red alligator strap, while the second glimmers with a pink gold bracelet, entirely set with diamonds.

These novelties mark the first appearance of a fully diamond-encrusted dial in the Rendez-Vous Dazzling collection. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, the timepieces flaunt grain-set diamonds organized in concentric circles, extending outwards from the heart of the dial. This symmetrical pattern, composed of hundreds of stones, is anchored by tiny gold beads that are virtually invisible. Such an intricate layout is a testament to the unparalleled skill and precision of the gem-setters employed at the Métiers Rares workshop. The dial and case, adorned with an impressive total of 590 diamonds, symbolize an arduous 58 hours of meticulous gem-setting work.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Dazzling Night & Day

When it comes to the new Rendez-Vous Dazzling Night & Day, connoisseurs have the option to choose between a shiny alligator strap in a vivid red hue that contrasts stunningly with the sparkle of the stones, or a High Jewellery pink gold bracelet. The latter was a design innovation first brought to life for the Rendez-Vous Dazzling Shooting Star in 2022. The bracelet features lozenge-shaped links, joined seamlessly together to resemble a supple ribbon that elegantly wraps around the wrist. These links are adorned with a total of 436 diamonds, and their incorporation represents an additional 80 hours of gem-setting. Thus, the High Jewellery variant culminates in an awe-inspiring total of 1,026 diamonds.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Dazzling Night & Day

Since its introduction in 2012, the Rendez-Vous collection has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the master watchmakers at Jaeger-LeCoultre and the highly skilled craftsmen at the Manufacture’s Métiers Rares workshop. It offers a platform where the artistry of watchmaking merges with the craft of gem-setting, creating timepieces that not only tell time but also tell tales of exceptional craftsmanship.

The Rendez-Vous collection is celebrated for its numerous watchmaking complications, but the Night & Day mechanism is particularly noteworthy. This feature captures the essence of the 24-hour cycle of light and darkness in a captivating display on the wrist. Positioned on a rotating mother-of-pearl disc, a polished golden sun alternates with a crescent moon set against a backdrop of stars, subtly marking the transition from day to night.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Dazzling Night & Day

The new Rendez-Vous Dazzling Night & Day timepieces are housed in a 36mm case, and are powered by the Calibre 898 – an automatic mechanical movement that was designed, developed, and produced in-house. The transparent sapphire case-back offers a view into the intricate world of this timepiece, revealing finely decorated and finished elements in a classical watchmaking style. From the blued screws and circular graining to the Côtes de Genève and the open-worked pink gold winding rotor, each detail is a tribute to traditional watchmaking excellence.

The Rendez-Vous Dazzling collection, which made its debut in 2019, beautifully marries Jaeger-LeCoultre’s high watchmaking expertise with their jewellery savoir-faire. The bezel is set with 108 diamonds arranged in two concentric circles, lending an airy quality to the timepiece – an effect created by the claw (‘griffe’) setting chosen for the outer circle of 36 stones. The winding crown is embellished with an inverted diamond, while three diamonds adorn each of the four lugs, thus completing the case. In a tribute to contemporary femininity, the new Rendez-Vous Dazzling Night & Day models with diamond-set dials further affirm the watchmaking savoir-faire and jewellery expertise that La Grande Maison has passionately nurtured for 190 years.

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