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Hermès Arceau Mon Premier Galop

This limited edition watch, of which only 24 pieces are made, features a white gold case set with 82 diamonds and is powered by the Manufacture Hermès H1912 movement. Share

Created by Henri d’Origny in 1978, the Arceau watch line has consistently showcased Hermès’ flair for blending aesthetic appeal with functional elegance. The Mon Premier Galop variant takes this ethos a step further by incorporating elements of leather marquetry, silk threads, and miniature painting into its design. This highlights the brand’s mastery over a diverse range of artistic crafts while paying homage to the intricate beauty of the equestrian world, a theme deeply rooted in Hermès’ heritage.

Hermès Arceau Mon Premier Galop

The watch’s design is inspired by the Mon Premier Galop shawl, designed by artist Tong Ren. Ren’s work, characterized by its simple lines, color blocks, and refined motifs, draws upon his fascination with traditional basketry. The shawl’s depiction of a horse in motion, accompanied by a butterfly and under the gaze of a playful sun, is a narrative captured beautifully on the watch’s dial.

This scene, evoking the grace of a horse’s first steps, is meticulously recreated using silk threads for the horse and a combination of enamel and leather tesserae for the background, showcasing Hermès’ commitment to detail and craftsmanship.

Hermès Arceau Mon Premier Galop

The process involves a painstaking technique of layering enamel for the sky and sun to achieve unique colors and contrasts, with the leather and silk components assembled to form a vibrant and delicate decor. This is complemented by a hand-painted gold applique, adding a touch of animation to the scene. The inclusion of a mobile applique is a nod to the dynamic nature of time itself, captured within the static beauty of the watch’s design.

Limited to just 24 pieces, the Arceau Mon Premier Galop is as exclusive as it is exquisite. Its white gold case, adorned with 82 diamonds, houses the Manufacture Hermès H1912 movement, visible through a sapphire case-back that also reveals the meticulous finishes and the distinctive ‘sprinkling of Hs’ motif. The choice of a Zephyr blue Swift calfskin strap further accentuates the watch’s aesthetic, playing on the theme of light and texture that is central to its design.

Technical Specifications
Guide Price
CHF 75,000
Limited Edition of 24 pieces
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