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MB&F LM Perpetual EVO Blue

Designed to cater to an active lifestyle, each watch in the series incorporates an integrated rubber strap for optimal wearability. Share

The Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO, launched by MB&F in 2020, introduced a new dimension to active lifestyle timekeeping. Initially available in three zirconium limited editions, it was followed by a titanium version with a green CVD dial-plate. In 2024, MB&F updated the series with an icy blue dial-plate, maintaining the durable titanium case. Each model integrates a rubber strap for enhanced wearability.

MB&F LM Perpetual EVO Blue
Photo: Courtesy of MB&F

Featuring a 44mm case in either zirconium or titanium, the LM Perpetual EVO is designed for superior durability and clarity, incorporating a monobloc shock-absorbing system named “FlexRing” for enhanced robustness. The core of the watch is the LM Perpetual Engine, crafted by Stephen McDonnell, which presents an innovative perpetual calendar system diverging from traditional designs for improved reliability and functionality.

Since its debut in 2015, the Legacy Machine Perpetual has stood out within the MB&F collection for its blend of prestige, tradition, and innovation. The latest EVO model showcases a no-bezel design, with a domed sapphire crystal directly fused to the case for increased visibility of its calendar indications and the signature floating balance wheel.

MB&F LM Perpetual EVO Blue

Adjustments to the perpetual calendar are made through enlarged, double-sprung oblong pushers, enhancing ease of use. The watch offers 80m water resistance, achieved with a screw-down crown that features a mechanism to prevent over-winding. A new feature, the FlexRing, provides exceptional shock protection by cushioning between the case and movement. This innovation supports the perpetual calendar’s robustness against impacts.

MB&F LM Perpetual EVO Blue

The watch employs a unique approach to date tracking, developed by Stephen McDonnell from Belfast, utilizing a “mechanical processor” with a 28-day month system and adding extra days as needed. This method ensures each month’s calendar matches the required number of days, eliminating the need for skipping or fast-forwarding through redundant dates. The mechanical processor also features a quick-setting year function and an inbuilt safety feature that disconnects the quick-set pushers during date changeovers, safeguarding the watch from damage.

The transparent caseback of the Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO Blue reveals Haute Horlogerie finishes, including internal bevel angles, polished bevels, Geneva waves, and hand-made engravings, all executed to the highest standards.

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