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Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight

Discover the celestial artistry of Arnold & Son's Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight—a limited edition women's timepiece that seamlessly blends high horological craftsmanship with poetic design. Share

Arnold & Son continues to marry innovation with artistry, unfolding its tale one timepiece at a time. With the launch of its newest women’s complication, the Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight, Arnold & Son is offering a sky map, an artist’s palette, and a luxurious escapade through space and time, all in one masterful piece.

Framed in hues of mint green, turquoise, teal, and sky blue, the Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight is a serene landscape for the senses. What captivates at first glance is the gentle graduation of coloured mother-of-pearl that forms the dial. The iridescent canvas is breathtaking in its subtlety, a celestial vista that manages to feel both dreamy and precise. The natural shimmer of the mother-of-pearl is perfectly offset by the dazzle of the ruthenium moon and foreground, establishing a harmonious play of light and texture.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight

When the moon takes center stage, it does so with gravitas. Sculpted in ruthenium, a rare and precious metal, the moon adds an extra layer of luminescence. A constellation of diamonds adds more than a sparkle—they transform the watch into a universe unto itself. Eighty brilliant-cut diamonds encrust the white gold case, horns, and bezel, with an additional 22 dazzling the buckle. Altogether, they sum up to an awe-inducing 2.57 carats.

Contrary to its larger and deliberately masculine counterpart, the Perpetual Moon 41.5, the Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight is a distinct collection crafted for women, without compromising on the complexities that Arnold & Son is famed for. The watch is home to a specialized A&S1612 calibre, Arnold & Son’s smallest yet, but no less potent with a 90-hour power reserve.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight
Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight

The emblematic complication of the A&S1612 caliber is its moon phase. The Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight houses a large moon disc with its various crescents occupying the wide window situated between 10 and 2 o’clock, cut out to faithfully depict the appearance of the Earth’s natural satellite.

Staying true to its tradition as a precision watchmaker and its legacy of high-sea navigation, Arnold & Son has ensured that this moon-phase timepiece will remain accurate for 122 years. This means that, if kept constantly wound, it would take more than a century for the moon on the timepiece to experience a one-day time lag with its real-life counterpart in the sky. The Perpetual Moon 38 Mintnight is a limited edition of just 18 pieces.

Guide Price
CHF 64,600
Limited Edition of 18 pieces
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