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The Langley: Buckinghamshire’s best-kept secret

Nestled in the heart of Buckinghamshire, mere minutes from Heathrow, The Langley offers an unparalleled blend of historical charm and contemporary luxury. Share

Upon hearing of a luxury hotel mere minutes from Heathrow and the unglamorous setting of Ricky Gervais’s The Office, eyebrows are sure to raise in surprise. And The Langley stands resolute and opulent, a testament to splendour where you least expect it. A mundane stop for petrol on the A40 soon transforms into an ethereal journey down a sun-kissed lane surrounded by sentinel oak trees. Resting in the embrace of 150 acres of pristine Buckinghamshire verdure and a mere hour’s journey from London’s bustling heart, The Langley emerges as an idyllic urban escape.

The Langley: Buckinghamshire’s best-kept secret

The Langley whispers tales of history, once serving as the hunting abode of the third Duke of Marlborough. Later, it became the passion project of hotel tycoon Khalid Affara, who lavished it with a transformative multi-million-pound renovation, only for it to momentarily hibernate during the pandemic’s onslaught.

Stepping into The Langley feels like stepping through time’s delicate veil. The lobby, in its magnificent glory, showcases an original mosaic floor that speaks of eras gone by. Majestic chandeliers shimmer from above, as portraits of antiquity observe from their gilded perches. Such luxury seamlessly aligns with Marriott’s prestigious “Luxury Collection.”

The Langley: Buckinghamshire’s best-kept secret

Designed by the visionary London studio, Dennis Irvine, the interiors tell a story of transformation. Within the main mansion and the Grade II listed Brew House, The Langley offers 41 intimate rooms, each a blend of modern opulence and timeless design. The plush touches and contemporary fittings, including the glistening marble bathrooms, are noteworthy.

The Duke of Marlborough Suite serves as the hotel’s crown jewel. The suite, once the Duke’s personal chamber, enchants with its unique octagonal living room, offering panoramic visions of the serene lake and curated gardens below. For diners, The Langley presents the Cedar Restaurant, where elegance meets culinary brilliance. Under the guidance of head chef Antonio Sanzone, the menu is a romantic ode to Italy, using the finest ingredients Buckinghamshire offers. The experience is elevated by a staff dedicated to ensuring the most harmonious wine pairs with every dish.

The Langley: Buckinghamshire’s best-kept secret

No luxury retreat is complete without a haven of relaxation, and The Langley’s spa is the epitome of rejuvenation. Dive into tranquillity in the indoor pool or bask in the sun by the outdoor pool. There’s an array of specialized spaces including a sauna, hammam, and a ladies-only spa sanctuary.

However, the real essence of The Langley lies in its sprawling gardens, a masterpiece designed by the legendary Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. This verdant tapestry features a serene lake and the silent grandeur of an age-old cedar tree. Adventure seekers can tread the winding path to discover a secret arboretum and a vast rhododendron sanctuary. And for those who squint just right, Windsor Castle offers a distant greeting.

The Langley: Buckinghamshire’s best-kept secret

Nearby, Pinewood Studios suggests the possibility of a celebrity encounter, while the exquisite rose garden of Cliveden House beckons just a short journey away. Should you wish to venture beyond, The Langley’s diligent concierge is at the ready, arranging everything from falconry experiences to exciting polo matches. And for those missing the metropolitan allure, London waits, ready to dazzle, just under an hour away.

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