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The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ’57 One of One’ is a homage to an icon

Bugatti unveils the ‘57 One of One’, a bespoke Chiron Super Sport inspired by the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic. Share

The Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic, crafted nearly 90 years ago by Jean Bugatti, remains an iconic masterpiece in the automotive world, celebrated for its unique design and status as one of the most exclusive and valuable cars globally. It has deeply influenced Bugatti’s modern design ethos, particularly evident in the bolted fin that runs the length of its body. This legacy inspired a customer, a lifelong car enthusiast, to create a personal tribute to the Atlantic for her first Bugatti, a Chiron Super Sport, resulting in the creation of the ‘57 One of One’.

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ’57 One of One’ is a homage to an icon

Twenty years ago, the customer first encountered the Type 57 SC Atlantic at the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, instantly falling in love with it. Fast forward to her 70th birthday, her husband, a fellow Bugatti aficionado, surprised her with a visit to Molsheim, France, to configure her own Chiron Super Sport. This visit, led by Jascha Straub, Lead Designer Sur Mesure at Bugatti, marked the beginning of a year-long co-creation journey.

A defining aspect of this project was the recreation of the Atlantic’s striking silver-tinted blue hue. Achieving this precise colour was a meticulous process, with Jascha Straub travelling to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao to match the colour accurately under various lighting conditions. The goal was to evoke the same emotion in the customer every time she saw her Chiron Super Sport, reminiscent of her first encounter with the Type 57 SC Atlantic.

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ’57 One of One’ is a homage to an icon

The design of the ‘57 One of One’ Chiron Super Sport required a careful balance between homage and modern interpretation, respecting Bugatti’s ‘Form Follows Performance’ philosophy. The car’s engineering needs were also a priority. The unique grille design, with polished vertical lines and a thicker centre spine, is a modern interpretation of the Type 57 SC Atlantic’s large horseshoe Bugatti grille. The design also features five-spoke Super Sport wheels and vibrant chrome accents, with the underside of the rear wing displaying a hand-drawn silhouette of the Atlantic.

Inside, the customer chose ‘Gaucho’ leather, complementing the exterior design with a timeless colour. The interior highlights include the Atlantic’s silhouette hand-stitched in ‘Lightning Blue’ on the door panels and a custom inlay on the centre console bearing the ‘57 One of One’ proclamation. The ‘Dancing Elephant’ sculpture of Rembrandt Bugatti, an ode to the customer’s love for animals, is embroidered on the headrests, alongside the signatures of Jean and Rembrandt Bugatti on the door sills.

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ’57 One of One’ is a homage to an icon

Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director at Bugatti Automobiles, said: “When crafting a bespoke car for our customers, we will always look to pay tribute to our rich heritage. For a customer to embrace our lineage in such a way, and lead in the inclusion of such design elements, it is a proud moment. A creation like the ’57 One Of One’ is the perfect match for our Sur Mesure offer, bringing a passionate customer with bold ideas together with our endlessly creative and talented design and engineering teams.”

The ‘57 One of One’ is a unique work of automotive art and also a functional masterpiece, enjoyed by the customer on scenic drives across the American West. It is poised to gain iconic status, much like its predecessor, and is expected to be showcased at the Concours d’Élegance. For now, it stands as a testament to the customer’s deep admiration for the Bugatti legacy and the timeless elegance of the Type 57 SC Atlantic.

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