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Singer Reimagined Divertrack

Singer has introduced the Divetrack, a groundbreaking dive watch equipped with the world’s first 24-hour central chronograph, designed specifically for divers. Share

Singer is transcending conventional boundaries with the launch of the Divetrack, a diving chronograph that challenges the norms of traditional dive watches. With its inception in 2017, backed by Singer Vehicle Design and Rob Dickinson, Singer has consistently redefined horological standards, first with the Track 1 and then the Flytrack.

The Divetrack stands out with its audacious architecture and purpose-built functionality, aimed at accompanying divers both under and above water. Unlike the majority of dive watches that adhere to a time-honored formula, the Divetrack introduces a novel perspective on what a diving instrument can be. Its core, the AgenGraphe movement, powers a 24-hour central indication, specifically tailored for diving applications, diverging from the conventional chronograph approach by integrating unique, dive-specific utilities.

The watch’s design, encompassing a grade 5 titanium case of 49mm diameter and 19.67mm thickness, ensures robustness and water resistance up to 300m. The Divetrack’s distinctive helmet-shaped case is enhanced with a central sapphire crystal ring and a unidirectional marine-grade 316L stainless steel bezel, ensuring both functionality and visibility in the aquatic environment. Its bezel, coupled with a ceramized aluminum ring, along with the dial, are meticulously designed for optimal legibility, featuring Super-LumiNova-filled markers to aid divers in low-light conditions.

Singer’s innovative approach extends to the Divetrack’s chronograph functionality, controlled by two pushers and safeguarded by a red-ceramic-coated pusher guard, preventing inadvertent operation. A helium escape valve, an essential feature for deep-sea exploration, is thoughtfully positioned at 8 o’clock. The watch is presented on a durable black rubber strap, complemented by an additional diving technical textile strap with Velcro, enhancing its versatility and wearability in diving scenarios.

The heart of the Divetrack, the AgenGraphe movement. This automatic chronograph movement, featuring 479 parts and a 72-hour power reserve, showcases a groundbreaking central 24-hour chronograph function with jumping indicators for minutes and hours, alongside an innovative clutch mechanism that seamlessly integrates the chronograph with the gear train.

Beyond a watch, the Divetrack is a diving companion designed to manage critical timing functions underwater and surface intervals, crucial for decompression safety. Its dial divides into three distinct zones: CHILL (0h-6h) for pre-dive planning, DIVE (6h-18h) for diving readiness, and FLY (18h-24h) for post-dive recovery, guiding divers through their aquatic journeys with precision and reliability.

Limited to 25 pieces and priced at CHF 85,000 (excl. taxes), the Singer Divetrack Automatic 24-hour Central Chronograph emerges as a unique and high-end proposition in the world of dive watches. Its introduction marks a significant milestone in the evolution of diving instruments, offering an unparalleled blend of innovation, functionality, and design, set to captivate diving enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs alike.

Technical Specifications
Guide Price
CHF 85,000
Limited Edition of 25 pieces
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