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Kross Studio Game of Thrones – House of the Dragon Collector Set

Designed by Marco Tedeschi and limited to ten unique pieces, these Collector Sets merge fantasy with Haute Horlogerie, offering fans a deep dive into the lore of Westeros. Share

In a collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, Kross Studio has embarked on a journey into the heart of Westeros with its latest unveiling of Collector Sets, inspired by the majestic dragons from the cultural phenomena “Game of Thrones” and “House of the Dragon.” This release comes just in time for fans eagerly anticipating the second season premiere of “House of the Dragon” this summer.

Following the success of the first five House of the Dragon sets launched in 2023, Kross Studio introduces a second series dedicated to an additional five dragons: Syrax, Caraxes, Meleys, Vhagar, and Vermax. These new sets join the ranks of the earlier series featuring Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion, and Balerion, rounding out Kross Studio’s collection to ten distinct and exclusive pieces. This expansion allows aficionados of the series to dive deeper into the lore of Westeros and experience the mythical world in a way that’s never been possible before.

Marco Tedeschi, Founder and Creative Director of Kross Studio, shares his enthusiasm for the project: “I am delighted to unveil new pieces inspired by the dragons of the series ‘Game of Thrones’ and its prequel ‘House of the Dragon’, celebrating these mythical creatures and what they represent. Each Collector Set is an unexpected creation, meticulously crafted, boldly blending watchmaking with the mysteries of the dragons of Westeros.”

Tedeschi’s vision for the Collector Sets draws inspiration from both the formidable dragons and their Targaryen masters. The watches are a marvel of horological artistry, merging the realms of fantasy with the pinnacle of watchmaking craftsmanship. Each detail of the watch speaks volumes of the precision and elegance befitting a member of the legendary Targaryen family. The result is a series of timepieces that not only showcase traditional craftsmanship but also contemporary design, capturing the very essence of the Targaryen lineage.

At the heart of each Game of Thrones Central Floating Tourbillon is the KS 7’005 caliber, a manual-winding movement featuring a patented floating central tourbillon meticulously designed, crafted, and assembled in the Kross Studio workshops. This movement is unique for its centric layout, with its main functions—energy accumulation, regulation, display, and winding—taking place concentrically and co-axially at the core of the watch. The barrel and regulator are positioned to utilize the maximum possible radius of the main plate, ensuring a 120-hour power reserve and exceptional chronometric performance.

The design of the watch is further enhanced by its striking dial, made of Damasteel and reminiscent of the legendary Valyrian steel from the series. This material, with its unique pattern of dark and shimmering layers, adds an additional layer of intrigue to the watch. Additionally, the ergonomic watch case, available in grade 5 titanium or 18-carat red gold, mimics the texture of dragon scales through sophisticated three-dimensional engraving, while the Targaryen House sigil is proudly displayed on the titanium case back, hand-engraved with the name of the dragon that inspired each set.

Accompanying each watch is a Dragon Egg Functional Sculpture Case, a masterful creation designed by Marco Tedeschi and produced by the renowned French workshop Leblon Delienne. These sculptures, based on a 3D scan of the props from the TV show, are airbrushed and hand-painted to mimic the appearance of a dragon’s egg, serving as a stunning display and storage solution for the central floating tourbillon watch. The Game of Thrones x Kross Studio House of the Dragon Collector Sets, with prices starting at CHF 108,000 are available for purchase through, as well as through official partners and selected authorized retailers.

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