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Unveiling Novitec’s pinnacle of refinement: Ferrari 812 Competizione

Unveiling the extraordinary union of Novitec's ingenuity with Ferrari's iconic 812 Competizione: a masterful synthesis of unparalleled performance, bespoke luxury, and aesthetic brilliance. Share

In the world of luxury sports cars, certain brands leave an indelible mark. One such icon is Ferrari, a name synonymous with motor racing and unprecedented driving excellence. With its latest 812 Competizione, Ferrari has already set new standards. But there are those who believe even the best can be better, and for this, Novitec has risen to the challenge. The 812 Competizione, already heralded as the sportiest, road-going, front-engine sports car ever by Ferrari, finds itself further refined in the hands of Novitec—the world’s leading tuner of Maranello’s masterpieces.

Unveiling Novitec’s pinnacle of refinement: Ferrari 812 Competizione

Novitec believes in one irrefutable fact: “Even a sports car can never have enough power.” The 812 Competizione originally came fitted with a 6.5-litre V12 engine, which in itself is a tour de force. However, Novitec’s high-performance exhaust system amps it up to a mind-boggling 866 horsepower. And if you think that’s all about power, you’re wrong. Their specially designed, heat-insulated 100-cell elements help the V12 exhale even more freely, turning this machine into a symphony of pure, unadulterated power.

As for the exhaust system, the options are rich and varied, some even with active sound management via integrated butterfly valves. For the connoisseur who desires the ultimate in exclusivity and performance, the system is available in an INCONEL variant—complete with 999 gold plating—a material so advanced it’s also used in Formula 1 racing.

Unveiling Novitec’s pinnacle of refinement: Ferrari 812 Competizione

In collaboration with American wheel manufacturer Vossen, Novitec offers hi-tech forged rims that fit seamlessly under the 812 Competizione’s wheel arches. The rims play into the vehicle’s already iconic wedge shape, taking its aesthetic to the next level. With 21-inch wheels at the front and 22-inch at the back, the vehicle has a visually alluring stance that’s hard to ignore.

Moreover, you are not just limited to the sultry black wheels; Vossen offers a palette of more than 70 colours and various finishes, ranging from brushed to mirror-polished. Novitec’s sports springs bring another dimension to the 812 Competizione. By lowering the centre of gravity, the already agile vehicle becomes an even greater force to reckon with. These springs are specifically calibrated for the new rim sizes, ensuring a seamless integration of form and function.

Unveiling Novitec’s pinnacle of refinement: Ferrari 812 Competizione

Adding to this, Novitec introduces its Front Lift System, a feature aimed at making real-world driving more convenient. With the touch of a button, the front of the car elevates by 40 millimetres—enough to clear speed bumps and steep parking garage ramps, making your drive as practical as it is exhilarating.

Novitec doesn’t stop at exterior refinements; their expertise extends to the interior as well. They offer an almost infinite range of options for an interior upgrade that could include everything from hand-stitched leather to Alcantara and carbon elements, all meticulously tailored to the customer’s specific wishes.

Unveiling Novitec’s pinnacle of refinement: Ferrari 812 Competizione

Novitec has outdone themselves with their rendition of the Ferrari 812 Competizione. They’ve taken a masterpiece and turned it into a magnum opus of automotive artistry. Through innovative modifications that boast unparalleled performance and bespoke luxury, Novitec has indeed created the ultimate expression of what a road-going sports car can be.

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