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The Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition makes a powerful debut

Rooted in the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 platform, this exclusive release, limited to just 25 vehicles worldwide, features an impressive 4.0-liter V8 engine, high-performance turbochargers, and a black-on-black aesthetic echoing Buschmann's signature style. Share

Cue the time machine, and let’s return to 1996 before we introduce this machine, a momentous year for Brabus. The Brabus 7.3S, based on the Mercedes-Benz 600 SL, executed its inaugural road test on the autobahn, not too far from Bottrop. With none other than Brabus founder Bodo Buschmann behind the wheel and the car’s bonnet safely stashed back at the Brabus headquarters, the scene gave birth to one of the most legendary snapshots in Brabus history. A photograph that encapsulated the very essence of Brabus’ identity.

Fast-forward to the present, and the legend is reborn, in the shape of the Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition – a super roadster that embodies the same spirit and vision as its forerunner. A reincarnation that would have made Bodo Buschmann proud, as it’s a veritable embodiment of his automotive passion. The Brabus 750 is not merely a tribute but a contemporary reinterpretation of a distinctive Brabus narrative. To ensure exclusivity, production will be capped at a limited run of 25 vehicles worldwide.

The Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition makes a powerful debut

The Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition, based on the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 platform, possesses a striking front façade. Signature Brabus carbon elements add a unique character to the roadster’s face, including the Brabus front apron inserts, Brabus radiator grille, and the Brabus front spoiler. The latter not only offers a compelling aesthetic but also significantly minimizes lift on the front axles at high speeds.

On the sides, the exquisite detailing of the Bodo Buschmann Edition is accentuated by carbon fender attachments donning an integrated Brabus logo. For a sportier flair, the understated carbon rear spoiler, in combination with the custom-made carbon rear diffuser, perfectly frames the quartet of tailpipes from the Brabus high-performance exhaust system, delivering a visually impressive spectacle.

The Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition makes a powerful debut

Under the hood, the Brabus 750 houses a 4.0-litre V8 engine, accompanied by a pair of Brabus high-performance turbochargers. The two-door marvel can clock 0 to 100 km/h in a blistering 3.3 seconds. The car’s top speed has been electronically restrained to 315 km/h to safeguard the Continental SportContact 7 performance tires. The immense torque of 900 Newton meters is delivered via a nine-speed automatic transmission, which can be shifted either automatically or manually via the steering wheel paddle shifters, to suit the driver’s preference.

Borrowing from the iconic Brabus retro styling of the eighties and the celebrated Monoblock II wheel design, the Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition features a combination of 21- and 22-inch Brabus Monoblock II Evo “Platinum Edition” forged wheels.

The Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition makes a powerful debut

The signature colour palette of Bodo Buschmann was always a study in black, a hue that still dominates the Brabus design DNA after more than four decades. Thus, the interior of the Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition is a stark symphony of black-on-black.

Complementing the black theme are matching black seams paired with black piping that highlight the Brabus “R-Sport” quilting pattern – one of Bodo Buschmann’s most treasured designs. Paying homage to the past, the side bolsters of the seats, the flanks of the centre console, and the sun visors have been embellished with the Brabus “Heritage” brand pattern, a nostalgic nod to 1977, the year of Brabus’ inception, and marked with embossed “77” signets.

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