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Aman’s Villa Miločer in Sveti Stefan is Montenegro’s best kept secret

Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Montenegro as the illustrious Villa Miločer reopens its doors this summer. Share

Nestled along the sparkling Adriatic shores of Montenegro, the illustrious Villa Miločer unfurls its regal charm as it prepares to greet guests on the 14th of July, 2023. Once the esteemed summer haven of Queen Marija Karađorđević in the 19th century, Villa Miločer today stands as a luxurious sanctuary, serenely swathed on three sides by the lush tapestry of cedar, pine, and olive groves.

Villa Miločer’s architecture is the epitome of grandeur and intimacy. Encased within its stone walls are eight opulent suites, each inviting the beauty of the outside world with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer captivating sea or garden views. The suites offer a melange of comfort and sophistication, with spacious living areas complete with fireplaces, king-sized beds and luxurious en-suites fitted with large freestanding bathtubs.

Aman’s Villa Miločer in Sveti Stefan is Montenegro’s best kept secret

Whether you choose the serenity of the Miločer Sea View Suites, the contemporary elegance of the Queen Marija Suites, or the tranquil charm of the Miločer Garden View Suites, the accommodations promise an unforgettable retreat suffused with regal grandeur, secluded privacy, and unparalleled luxury. The heart of the villa throbs in the communal areas, where guests can converge for delightful conversation in the airy living room or find intellectual stimulation within the extensive library. For business purposes, the villa offers an inspiring meeting room that blends luxury with functionality.

Dining at Villa Miločer is an event in itself. The grand dining room and the romantic wisteria-draped terrace serve an exquisite selection of classic and contemporary dishes from the Adriatic region. Sourced seasonally and crafted with the utmost care, each dish is a tribute to Montenegro’s vibrant culinary landscape.

Aman’s Villa Miločer in Sveti Stefan is Montenegro’s best kept secret

At the heart of the Villa Miločer experience lies the standalone Aman Spa, exclusively reserved for its guests. Overlooking the secluded Queen’s Beach, the spa offers rejuvenating treatments that celebrate the healing power of water. Extend your wellness journey with a dip in the slate-lined pool, or a bespoke fitness regime at the comprehensive fitness centre equipped with advanced Technogym equipment.

Beyond the physical allure, Villa Miločer’s true magic lies in the intimate harmony it strikes with its natural surroundings. This is evident in the carefully crafted spa treatments that draw on Montenegro’s rich biodiversity of over 650 recognized medicinal plant species. Ancient wild harvesting practices fuse with modern science to provide treatments that restore balance and evoke tranquillity.

Aman’s Villa Miločer in Sveti Stefan is Montenegro’s best kept secret

The culinary experience at Villa Miločer echoes this connection with nature. The dining room and loggia terrace serve up a delectable menu that encapsulates the rich flavours of Adriatic cuisine. Seasonal produce and the freshest seafood take centre stage in this gastronomic ballet, served against the backdrop of stunning sea views.

Steeped in understated sophistication, the intimate dining room is arranged around a grand open fireplace, with tastefully selected furnishings and hand-loomed wool rugs completing the ambience. For those who seek romance under the open skies, the wisteria-covered loggia offers a picturesque retreat, complete with breathtaking views of the bay.

Aman’s Villa Miločer in Sveti Stefan is Montenegro’s best kept secret

Beyond the confines of the villa, Montenegro unfolds in all its glory. From the ancient monasteries clinging to rocky cliffs and imposing stone churches of Kotor Bay to the bustling capital of Podgorica and the royal charm of Cetinje, Villa Miločer offers a luxurious base for exploration.

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