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NOVITEC N-LARGO S bids farewell to Ferrari 812 Superfast

With only three exclusive units crafted, each meticulously tailored to the discerning tastes of their owners, the N-LARGO S stands as a rare masterpiece. Share

When it comes to automotive refinement and the creation of spectacular widebody versions for the world’s most exclusive sports cars, one name stands out–Novitec. Under the label N-LARGO, this German automotive specialist has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and performance, and this time, they are bidding a glorious farewell to the Ferrari 812 Superfast through a highly exclusive special edition, known as the Novitec N-LARGO S.

This meticulously tuned supercar boasts a striking wide body kit, innovative wheel designs, meticulously improved suspension, and a substantial power upgrade, symbolizing the zenith of Novitec’s craftsmanship and innovation.

NOVITEC N-LARGO S bids farewell to Ferrari 812 Superfast

The N-LARGO S features bodywork components crafted from lightweight yet high-strength carbon fiber, undergoing a sophisticated update to ensure stunning aesthetics and enhanced aerodynamics. The widened front fenders and rear axle flares add a staggering 14 centimetres to the car’s width compared to the production model, optimizing aerodynamics and offering a distinctive appearance. The rear end showcases a seamlessly integrated rear spoiler in a striking and aerodynamically efficient ducktail design.

In collaboration with Vossen, Novitec restyled the alloy wheels to feature five twin spokes, produced using state-of-the-art forging technology. These wheels, with diameters of 21 inches on the front axle and 22 inches at the rear, emphasize the wedge shape of this high-end sports car, adding an extra layer of aesthetic appeal and performance enhancement.

NOVITEC N-LARGO S bids farewell to Ferrari 812 Superfast

Novitec goes the extra mile in personalization, offering to tailor the cockpit to the exact wishes of the N-LARGO S owner. From the finest leather to Alcantara appointments, every detail is crafted with the utmost precision, ensuring a luxurious driving experience that is as unique as its driver.

Designer Vittorio Strosek’s touch is evident in the widebody version of the N-LARGO S. The fender flares seamlessly blend with the production bodywork, creating an even more distinctive profile. The larger front and rear wheel arches accommodate the newly designed Novitec NF 11 N-LARGO S wheels, custom-developed by Vossen. Their concave wheel spiders on the rear axle rims are a visual treat and carry high-performance tires for maximum grip.

NOVITEC N-LARGO S bids farewell to Ferrari 812 Superfast

To further enhance driving dynamics, Novitec installs custom sports springs, lowering the car’s ride height by about 35 millimeters. An optional front-lift system makes navigating obstacles a breeze, ensuring the car doesn’t scrape on steep ramps or speed bumps.

The 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder engine gets an upgrade in the form of modified engine electronics. With new maps for ignition and injection, it produces 40 more horsepower than the stock configuration, delivering outstanding performance – 840 horsepower at 8,750 rpm and a peak torque of 751 Nm. The result? A sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 345 km/h.

NOVITEC N-LARGO S bids farewell to Ferrari 812 Superfast

The Novitec high-performance quad exhaust system not only contributes to the performance increase but also produces a V12 exhaust note that matches the car’s spectacular looks. With options for stainless steel or INCONEL materials and actively controlled butterfly valves, it’s a blend of form and function.

Limited to only three vehicles worldwide, all of which have already found their proud owners, this Novitec N-LARGO S is as rare as it gets. It’s a testament to Novitec’s commitment to exclusivity and luxury, making it a coveted masterpiece for the discerning elite.

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