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Louis Moinet Cosmopolis

Journey through the cosmos with a timepiece that embodies the infinite mysteries of the universe and the artistry of haute horlogerie. Share

In the infinite canvas of the cosmos, meteorites—older than the Earth itself—traverse billions of miles, whispering the ancient tales of the universe. Each rock, a celestial relic, bears compositions so unique that their value surpasses that of gold and platinum combined. These stellar fragments, witnesses to the genesis of our solar system, have travelled through time and space to narrate stories that mankind is just beginning to unravel. Today, these heavenly treasures embark on a terrestrial journey, meticulously assembled by Les Ateliers Louis Moinet into a masterpiece of horology: Cosmopolis.

Louis Moinet Cosmopolis

Cosmopolis basks in a celestial spotlight, earning the prestigious Guinness World Records title for “the most meteorite inserts in a watch”. This accolade catapults Les Ateliers Louis Moinet beyond the realms of traditional watchmaking, heralding a global recognition for its rarity and unparalleled craftsmanship.

This world record is a testament to Jean-Marie Schaller’s boundless creativity, and his ability to evoke emotions and to manifest dreams into reality. It reflects his deep appreciation for a dedicated network of friends, ardent supporters, and artisans who breathe life into Louis Moinet watches.

Louis Moinet Cosmopolis

The name Cosmopolis is a homage to the intricate tapestry connecting our world with the boundless universe. It embodies the vast mysteries of the cosmos and the artistic spirit of cities, representing a harmonious fusion of celestial fascination with the timeless elegance of watchmaking.

Cosmopolis emanates an aura of mystery, its dial a celestial theatre where time subtly dances between meteorites. Each fragment is meticulously positioned to form a unique constellation, with a lunar meteorite gracing the center stage, and a black chondrite residing in the heart of the tourbillon cage—symbolizing the cosmic forces that sculpted our universe.

Louis Moinet Cosmopolis

Ten additional fragments, each narrating a billion-year-old tale, are anchored on a dark-grey, brushed dial. These slivers of eternity, witnesses to the origins of our solar system, converge to create a rare work of art, blending space-time with haute horlogerie.

Cosmopolis showcases a spectacular off-centre tourbillon at 6 o’clock, complemented by a hand-wound movement and dual barrel springs, offering a remarkable ninety-six-hour power reserve. The “volte-face” system ingeniously aligns the barrels, enabling them to simultaneously harness energy. Encased in 18-ct, 5N rose gold, Cosmopolis exhibits fluid lines and a sapphire crystal dome that unveils the meteorite fragments’ captivating facets. The openworked lugs accentuate the seamless integration of the bracelet, completing this celestial symphony of time.

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