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Bentley Motors brings new features across the Bentayga range

Bentley Motors unveils an array of sophisticated enhancements for its luxury SUV line-up, elevating the Bentayga's allure. Share

Introduced in 2020, the second-generation Bentayga, with its seamless marriage of performance and opulence, proved that Bentley was not content resting on its laurels. The SUV’s success story continues, with the brand unveiling a suite of tantalizing new features that further amplifies its allure.

One might wonder, how does one elevate a design that already encapsulates the pinnacle of luxury? The answer lies in personalisation and fine-tuning the driving experience. While the Bentayga’s exterior remains a paragon of elegance, Bentley now offers an array of additional exterior hues, seven satin finishes, and a sleek 21” wheel option in three captivating finishes.

Bentley Motors brings new features across the Bentayga range

Yet, it is within the cocoon of the Bentayga that the true magic unfurls. Prioritising the experience of both driver and passenger, Bentley has woven in new chassis technology, modernised electrical architecture, and a host of other enhancements. The reprofiled front radiator grille stands testament to the brand’s dedication to detail. Further elevating the driving experience is the inclusion of all-wheel steering as a standard on specific models, a feature that promises impeccable handling and a noticeably reduced turning circle.

One cannot speak of luxury without addressing comfort, and here Bentley’s innovative spirit truly shines. The state-of-the-art Airline Seat Specification, now available across the standard wheelbase Bentaygas, ensures optimal thermal well-being for rear seat passengers. Additionally, the postural adjustment system, developed in collaboration with chiropractors, guarantees a fatigue-free journey by making subtle adjustments to the seat surface over time.

Bentley Motors brings new features across the Bentayga range

On the technology front, Bentley pulls out all the stops. From Intelligent Park Assist and 3D Surround View to Adaptive Cruise Control and Bentley Safeguard, the Bentayga brims with innovations aimed at enhancing the driving experience. The new driver instrument panel, a fusion of aesthetics and function, offers real-time road visualization and a 3D depiction of detected objects.

While exterior aesthetics and driving comforts are paramount, the cabin’s ambiance plays an equally vital role in crafting a luxury experience. Bentley’s attention to detail is evident in its improved air conditioning system that proactively ensures optimal air quality within the car. Sustainability, too, finds a nod with the introduction of 100% recycled nylon cabin carpets that do not compromise on the legendary Bentley feel.

Bentley Motors brings new features across the Bentayga range

However, no luxury drive is complete without the perfect soundtrack. The Bentayga’s cabin now doubles as a concert hall, thanks to the Bang & Olufsen for Bentley audio offering. The artfully designed speakers, with their Fibonacci hole pattern and LED illumination, promise an auditory experience as mesmerizing as the drive itself.

Further elevating the Bentayga’s stature is the Styling Specification for the Extended Wheelbase model. High gloss carbon fibre additions, combined with a striking rear spoiler, impart a distinctive character that’s bound to turn heads. Additionally, eight new exterior paint shades, including the dazzling Topaz, provide discerning customers with even more choices.

Bentley Motors brings new features across the Bentayga range

Bentley Motors also introduced an elegant 21” multi-spoke wheel, underlining the vehicle’s luxury pedigree. And for those seeking a distinct Bentley experience, the brand introduces the ‘A’ model, a harmonious blend of luxury and performance. With Electronic All Wheel Steering now available across all Bentayga models, the SUV continues to be a beacon of dynamic performance. Whether navigating the highway’s expanse or the city’s tight corners, the Bentayga promises a drive that’s both exhilarating and smooth.

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