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HYT Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires

A harmonious fusion of groundbreaking engineering and artistic elegance, this timepiece reimagines luxury horology for the discerning connoisseur. Share

With the launch of the Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires, HYT—the independent Swiss watch brand that has been redefining luxury horology for a decade—achieves a tour de force of watchmaking. This mesmerizing masterpiece marries traditional mechanics with avant-garde fluidic technology, presented in a dazzling casing of gemstones and precious metals. Here, we delve into what makes this timepiece the epitome of HYT’s audacious vision.

HYT Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires
Photo: Courtesy of HYT

At first glance, the Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires strikes you as a piece of celestial jewelry for the wrist. The tourbillon seems almost alive, its perpetual whirling mimicking the movement of planets. Add to that the fluidic hour module—HYT’s signature—and the watch becomes less of a static timekeeper and more of a miniature, dynamic universe ticking away on your wrist.

For the connoisseur, the hand-wound 701 TC caliber oscillating at a frequency of 21,600 vph (3Hz) provides the mechanical prowess that brings this celestial ballet to life. The real marvel, however, lies in the tourbillon—a complex mechanism that defies conventional watchmaking standards with its inclined balance spiral and escapement wheel, the engineering brainchild inspired by legendary watchmaker Walter Prendel and brought to life by Prix Gaïa winner Eric Coudray.

HYT Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires

As if the underlying mechanical brilliance was not enough, HYT added a layer of opulence with the integration of exceptional faceted sapphires. Three distinct gems—fuchsia, blue-gray, and yellow—rotate at different speeds around the tourbillon, creating a captivating dance of light and color. These gemstones are complemented by an additional six smaller sapphires, each set meticulously into the tourbillon’s brackets, adding another layer of sparkling allure.

Each Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires watch is an intricate puzzle made up of 750 individual components—159 of which are dedicated to the tourbillon carriage alone. Every single piece is verified, assembled, and re-checked by hand, a testament to HYT’s relentless pursuit of perfection. The 48mm case, a blend of 5N rose gold and black DLC titanium, captures this elaborate assembly under a dome-shaped crystal, giving the timepiece a multi-dimensional sheen.

HYT Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires

What further distinguishes this model is its adaptability. While the initial offering is the epitome of HYT’s vision, the seven remaining models in this line offer infinite freedom in the choice of sapphires. The HYT Conical Tourbillon Infinity Sapphires is a statement of personal aesthetics and a badge of discerning taste.

Guide Price
CHF 390,000
Limited Edition of 8 pieces
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