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Trunk (House) Tokyo: A boutique hotel that feels more like a private home

Trunk House in Tokyo offers a unique blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern luxury, making it a standout destination for discerning travellers. Share

Trunk House, nestled in Tokyo’s lively Kagurazaka neighbourhood, presents a fascinating blend of traditional Japanese elegance and contemporary luxury. This boutique hotel, a product of a collaborative effort by the Trunk brand and design studio Tripster, is a reimagined geisha house, offering an intimate and culturally rich guest experience.

The hotel, located in a 70-year-old former geisha house, has undergone a meticulous restoration, transforming it into a modern retreat while preserving its historic charm. Trunk House’s design is informed by Tokyo’s dynamic cultural and architectural landscape, embodying a mix of tradition and modernity. The interior, conceptualized by Trunk’s in-house design team, is a tribute to the salons of Tokyo’s past, where artists and creatives congregated. This contemporary interpretation aims to foster a similar environment for modern creatives, both local and international.

Trunk (House) Tokyo:  A boutique hotel that feels more like a private home

Trunk House boasts a unique layout, offering a single, luxurious bedroom that can accommodate up to four guests. The bedroom overlooks a meticulously crafted mattress placed on an elevated wooden platform, creating an atmosphere of serene simplicity. The dining area features a long oak table against almost-black walls, offering a stark yet elegant contrast. This space opens to a green-filled courtyard and an open kitchen where professional chefs prepare traditional Japanese dishes for guests.

The bathroom features a large square bath crafted from cypress wood, embracing the Japanese onsen culture. This blend of modern luxury and cultural homage is further reflected in the sitting room, adorned with a chunky brown-leather sofa, offering a cosy space for relaxation.

Trunk (House) Tokyo:  A boutique hotel that feels more like a private home

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Trunk House is its bright-red room, dubbed Tokyo’s smallest disco. Complete with a curved drinks bar, glittering disco ball, illuminated dance floor, and a karaoke machine, it provides an intimate yet vibrant nightlife experience. The integration of traditional Japanese elements is evident throughout the property. The hotel includes a tearoom with tatami mats and a sunken fireplace, ideal for traditional tea ceremonies.

Beyond the standard luxury amenities, Trunk House offers unique experiences tailored to its guests. The professional kitchen and dining area allow for private dining experiences, and the tearoom offers a cultural immersion through traditional tea ceremonies. The disco room adds a playful, yet sophisticated element to the stay, offering a private space for entertainment and relaxation.

Trunk (House) Tokyo:  A boutique hotel that feels more like a private home

Trunk House’s design and layout promote a sense of intimacy and exclusivity. The hotel caters to those seeking a private, luxurious experience, making it ideal for small groups or families. The property’s single suite concept ensures personalized service and privacy, a rarity in the bustling city of Tokyo.

Situated in Kagurazaka, Trunk House is ideally located for exploring Tokyo. This area is known for its blend of traditional and modern Japanese culture, with a plethora of dining options, shopping streets, and historical sites. Guests at Trunk House are positioned to experience the best of Tokyo’s urban vibrancy while enjoying a tranquil and exclusive retreat.

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