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The Shisui unveils a timeless stay in historical Nara, Japan

Marrying ancient allure with modern luxury, The Shisui opens its doors in Nara. Share

Nestled on the tranquil western edge of Nara Park, The Luxury Collection’s newest gem, Shisui, offers an exquisite interplay of heritage and splendour, providing an unparalleled retreat in one of Japan’s most historical and scenic destinations. A part of Marriott Bonvoy’s distinguished global portfolio of 31 extraordinary hotel brands, Shisui beautifully intertwines the essence of Japanese architecture with the verdant allure of a traditional temple garden, forming an enchanting backdrop for a luxurious escape.

The Shisui unveils a timeless stay in historical Nara, Japan

Deriving its name from the picturesque “Shikan Suiyou,” inspired by the vibrant juxtaposition of purple trunks and green leaves of Nara’s scenic landscapes, Shisui stands as a testament to the destination’s rich history, culture, and indigenous traditions. Here, global explorers are welcomed to a world where every corner resonates with the whispers of ancient tales, offering a unique and authentic experience of the mesmerizing Nara.

Situated amidst the timeless charm of a classical Japanese garden, once part of the illustrious grounds of Kofuku-ji temple, Shisui transports its guests to the era of the aristocratic Fujiwara clan, established in 710 AD. The hotel is a gateway to an incomparable collection of UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites, including the nearby Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Kofukuji Temple, and Todaiji Temple, each narrating a different chapter of Japan’s imperial history.

The Shisui unveils a timeless stay in historical Nara, Japan

Entrusted to the visionary hands of renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and Associates, Shisui emerges as a masterpiece where traditional Japanese architecture breathes new life through modern aesthetics. The hotel is a harmonious blend of historical resonance and contemporary luxury, providing a rare and immersive stay experience.

The architectural journey begins with the hotel’s reception lobby, restaurant, and lounge, all housed in a charming low wooden structure, originally built in 1922 as the residence of the Governor of Nara. The classical Japanese roofed gate, meticulously preserved, serves as the grand main entrance, welcoming guests to a realm where the past and present coalesce. Shisui, as a beacon of luxury and culture, encapsulates the spirit of Nara in its every detail.

The Shisui unveils a timeless stay in historical Nara, Japan

Beyond the meticulously preserved historical sites, guests at Shisui find themselves surrounded by pristine forests, valleys, and traditional Japanese villages, all awaiting discovery and exploration. Conveniently located a mere 10-minute walk from Kintetsu-Nara train station, Shisui offers seamless connections to the cultural hubs of Kyoto and Osaka, while Osaka Itami International Airport is a comfortable 45-minute drive away.

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