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Sheybarah Resort is the most anticipated Red Sea hotel debut of 2024

In a rare marriage of luxury and ecological stewardship, Saudi Arabia’s Sheybarah Hotel elevates sustainable design to an art form. Share

Imagine sailing 45 minutes from the Saudi Arabian mainland to reach a secluded, uninhabited island—a haven of biodiversity boasting dense mangroves, striking desert flora, and immaculate coral reefs teeming with marine life. It’s here, amidst this Eden-like landscape, that the Sheybarah Hotel stakes its claim as a groundbreaking fusion of luxury and sustainability.

The resort comprises 73 hyper-luxury “keys,” each a harmonious blend of elegance and environmental responsibility. Offering an unparalleled marine eco-tourism experience, the resort aims to attract discerning global travellers, all while redefining Saudi Arabia as a top-tier eco-tourism destination.

Sheybarah Resort is the most anticipated Red Sea hotel debut of 2024

At Sheybarah Hotel, the commitment to sustainability is a central tenet etched into the very architecture and operations of the resort. Awarded the distinguished LEED Platinum certification, the resort adopts a zero-energy, zero-water philosophy, operating entirely off-grid.

A centralized solar farm powers the entire facility, supporting over 400 people—both guests and staff—in every aspect, from daily operations to transport from the mainland. Freshwater needs are met by a solar-powered desalination plant, while an on-island recycling program negates the need for extraneous material imports or waste exports.

Sheybarah Resort is the most anticipated Red Sea hotel debut of 2024

The unique environmental challenges presented by the sensitive marine ecosystem called for equally unique design solutions. The property minimizes its impact by cantilevering guest accommodations above the coral reefs. The result is the innovation of aerial pods that serve as observation platforms suspended within an untouched marine sanctuary, offering guests intimate views of the fish, birds, and turtles below.

The façade further complements this revolutionary design language. Employing a reflective stainless-steel skin polished to a mirror finish, these architectural orbs blend almost imperceptibly into the environment, reflecting the ocean’s hues and the ever-changing sky. This not only minimizes visual impact but also optimizes energy performance by reflecting nearly 100% of solar gain.

Sheybarah Resort is the most anticipated Red Sea hotel debut of 2024

Inside, the design aesthetics are no less spectacular. Drawing inspiration from luxury yachts, the interior spaces boast meticulous detailing and high-end finishes. Each room offers panoramic views of the sea, thanks to floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that open onto a private deck. Guests can luxuriate in a seating area and an infinity pool, basking in uninterrupted views of the ocean and the horizon beyond. Sheybarah Hotel stands as a formidable contender in a destination slated to host an array of luxury hotels from big-name brands like St. Regis, Six Senses, and Jumeirah.

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