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Lanserhof Sylt is the new haven of peace and wellness in Germany

Lanserhof, a European leader in innovative health, opened the group’s first resort by the sea in Spring 2022. Share

Sylt, also known as the ‘Hamptons of Germany’, has long been treasured for its famous healing climate and restorative sea air, which is thought to provide significant relief for allergy and respiratory disease sufferers.

A €120m project over five years in the making, Lanserhof Sylt offers the brand’s signature approach, which combines cutting-edge diagnostics with natural healing methods. The Sylt programme is overseen by Medical Director and Cardiologist Dr. Jan Stritzke, a specialist in cardiological rehabilitation for acute and chronic illnesses.

Lanserhof Sylt is the new haven of peace and wellness in Germany

Housing 55 rooms and suites beneath Europe’s largest thatched roof, the resort has a combined guest area of over 20,000 square metres. In addition to the main building, the resort features two interconnected saltwater indoor and outdoor pools complete with counter-current system and a five-story freestanding spiral staircase centrepiece.

The natural and traditional combined with the new and modern are thus reflected in both the architecture of the resort and at the same time in the medical concept. This is something very unique. For this new Lanserhof experience we have built a great team of physicians, therapists, sports and nutrition scientists and beauticians. I can’t wait to introduce it to our guests. — Dr. Jan Stritzke

A continuous glass facade, the largest on Sylt, gives the impression that the thatched roof floats above, giving the property a weightless character that blends seamlessly into the rolling dunes and landscape beyond.

Lanserhof Sylt is the new haven of peace and wellness in Germany

Designed by internationally renowned architect, Christoph Ingenhoven, Lanserhof Sylt has been constructed using entirely sustainable, non-emitting materials. The design finds inspiration from the surrounding area and climate, as well as in the construction of Frisian houses, which typically feature low storeys, glass, wood and thatch.

Natural, curved shapes mirror the island’s sand dunes, while a pared-back aesthetic featuring wood, earthen tones and organic materials allows the magnificent setting to take centre-stage.

Lanserhof Sylt is the new haven of peace and wellness in Germany

The timeless, unique nature of Sylt in combination with the new, modern Lanserhof property with its flowing, corner-less architecture has a health-promoting effect on body, mind and soul, just like the traditional naturopathy and state-of-the-art cutting-edge medicine contained in the Lanserhof Concept.

Under the medical management of Dr. Jan Stritzke, the range of services available at Lanserhof Sylt include medical consultations and individual therapies.

Lanserhof Sylt is the new haven of peace and wellness in Germany

“At Lanserhof Sylt, the magic of a new beginning can not only be felt but experienced,” says Dr Jan Stritzke. Surrounded by the unique and ever-present nature of Sylt, the new health resort awaits guests in a place where modern, flowing and natural architecture radiates tranquillity and at the same time combines modern cutting-edge medicine with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and alternative naturopathy.

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