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Portrait Milano by Lungarno Collection is set to open in December 2022

Milan is the location of choice for the sixth hotel from the Florence-based group owned by the Ferragamo family, the newest member of the Portrait Brand. Share

Lungarno Collection is delighted to announce a brand-new addition to its hotel portfolio, which currently includes four hotels in Florence and one in Rome. Over the past decade, these five jewels have achieved excellence in global luxury hospitality and are now ranked alongside the biggest international names in the business.

Established in 1995, Lungarno Collection is the hotel management company owned by the Ferragamo family, with President Leonardo Ferragamo, who has transferred the same principles of style and consistency to the hospitality industry that have distinguished Salvatore Ferragamo fashion house in the world.

Having consolidated its position in the hospitality sector, the Ferragamo family’s hotel group is now poised to make its debut in Milan, in an exceptional location unfamiliar to all but a few of the city’s residents: the former Archiepiscopal Seminary at 11, Corso Venezia, with additional access from 10, Via Sant’Andrea. A strategic and central position, for this reason it represents a true monument boasting an impressive baroque entrance designed in 1652 by Francesco Maria Richini, which opens onto an imposing 3,000m2 piazza framed by a double colonnaded loggia.

Portrait Milano by Lungarno Collection is set to open in December 2022

The restoration project will see the launch of a new Portrait, expanding the company’s flagship brand to 3 properties including Milan following Rome and Florence, but much more. The impressive building will also host restaurants, a shopping arcade and plenty of space for events, making it a major lifestyle hub in the heart of Milan’s fashion district. One of the new location’s greatest attributes is that it will welcome hotel guests, visitors and residents alike, modifying pedestrian access through the fashion district by joining Corso Venezia to Via Sant’Andrea.

“We are thrilled to be involved in a project which is not only a great challenge in terms of hospitality, but also a great responsibility towards Milan. We are honoured to return this building in all its beauty to its city, to whose history it deeply belongs.,” explains Valeriano Antonioli, CEO of the Lungarno Collection group. A crucial player in this project is architect Michele De Lucchi’s Studio MDL practice, which Lungarno Collection commissioned for the restoration work, a project requiring extensive insight and experience.

Portrait Milano by Lungarno Collection is set to open in December 2022

“Although closed since the beginning of the 21st century, the seminary in Corso Venezia is an architectural jewel in our urban fabric which very few people know about, and which deserves to become an obligatory destination for those visiting Milan”, explains Michele De Lucchi. The Artistic Director and Interior Designer of the hotel rather will be architect Michele Bonan, who has already signed the stylistic projects of all the hotels in the Lungarno Collection.

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