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Bespoke luxury meets artistic flair at Villa-des-Prés, Paris

This exclusive address offers an immersive Parisian experience with 34 bespoke rooms and suites, combining modern comfort with artistic elegance. Share

Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a district celebrated for its unique Parisian culture and fashion, is home to Villa-des-Prés, a confidential and refined address. Designed meticulously by Bruno Borrione and featuring avant-garde art pieces curated by Amélie du Chalard, Villa-des-Prés embodies the elegance of its surroundings. A stone’s throw from the River Seine and steps from Boulevard Saint Germain, it sits amidst a rich concentration of art galleries, bookshops, publishing houses, and iconic cafes frequented by historical figures like Sartre, Beauvoir, Hemingway, Picasso, and Fitzgerald.

Bespoke luxury meets artistic flair at Villa-des-Prés, Paris

Villa-des-Prés, blending seamlessly with the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood, mirrors its sophisticated charm. The five-star residence houses a collection of 34 rooms, including 14 suites, each designed to immerse guests fully in the Parisian lifestyle. Hotel Manager Jérôme Didier emphasizes the importance of personalized service, aiming to make each stay uniquely tailored to individual guests, akin to welcoming friends.

The hotel’s façade, dating back to 1911, is a fine example of cut-stone architecture, adorned with balconies and bow windows, following the quaint rue de Buci’s route. A three-year renovation has revitalized this building, now fresh, luminous, and proudly displaying its original wrought-iron gate ornaments. The interior design, led by Bruno Borrione, plays with conventions, transforming the space into a series of contemporary, warm-toned apartments across seven floors. Eclectic yet harmonious furniture choices create a sense of home, complemented by noble materials like wrought-iron desks, glazed lava stone, leather headboards, brass bedside tables, and lamps with alabaster shades.

Bespoke luxury meets artistic flair at Villa-des-Prés, Paris

Art is at the forefront of Villa-des-Prés’ experience. Amélie du Chalard has handpicked over 50 original artworks, specially created for the hotel by French artists. These pieces are prominently displayed in each bedroom and public space, celebrating artistic imagination. The selection includes works by François Bonnel, Pola Carmen, Charlotte Culot, Frédéric Heurlier-Cimolai, Virginie Hucher, and Ludovic Phillipon, among others. The abstract art, with its vibrant energy and colour use, invites varied interpretations and enhances the aesthetic of each room.

Villa-des-Prés’ ground floor has been reimagined to encompass a cosy patio enclosed by a curving glass wall, leading to a vertical garden. The space, lined with rosewood panels and geometric stucco patterns, alternates pale travertine with black Saint Laurent marble. The bar, with its leather, wood, and brass accents, serves a menu of signature cocktails and breakfast options, welcoming guests and locals alike throughout the day.

Bespoke luxury meets artistic flair at Villa-des-Prés, Paris

The wellness area, a haven of relaxation, features an indoor heated pool, a sauna, a sensory shower, and a treatment room, complemented by a well-equipped fitness centre. Spa treatments, in partnership with Odacité, blend ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine techniques, offering massages and facials that incorporate essential oils, crystals, and Gua Sha.

Villa-des-Prés, through its bespoke interior design, art curation, and meticulous attention to detail, offers guests an immersive experience in the heart of Paris. Its unique blend of contemporary and traditional elements, combined with a dedication to artistic beauty and guest comfort, makes it a distinguished destination in the vibrant Saint-Germain-des-Prés district.

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