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Greubel Forsey Balancier 3

Limited to 88 pieces each, these timepieces showcase intricate hand finishes and a unique balance wheel. Share

Greubel Forsey has introduced a new chapter in its storied history with the Balancier 3, a part of the Convexe collection. This watch is a testament to the brand’s commitment to refined aesthetics and high chronometric standards, now available in a more robust and accessible format without compromising the hallmark finishes associated with the Atelier.

Nearly two decades in the making, the Balancier 3 represents Greubel Forsey’s venture into creating an entirely new, more accessible timepiece while maintaining its unique identity. The challenge was to design a watch with a comfortable diameter that could accommodate the Atelier Manufacture movement and remain affordable, yet still uphold the standard of 100% hand-finishing. The Balancier 3 embodies the solution to these challenges.

Greubel Forsey Balancier 3

Style is paramount in the Balancier 3, characterized by three prominent bridges that house the barrel, a large balance wheel, and a third bridge attached to the seconds counter supporting the hour and minute hands. These bridges are adorned with Greubel Forsey’s signature hand finishes: polished surfaces, bevels, and screws, all featuring complex internal angles and curved profiles that are a hallmark of the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship.

The Balancier 3 joins the Convexe collection, featuring a case that is even slimmer than its predecessors. A first for Greubel Forsey, the lugs are free of screws. The Convexe case, uniquely profiled on both the back and display sides, follows the curvature of the wrist, enhancing comfort and aesthetic appeal. The dial’s double curvature creates a dynamic volume that allows the movement to unfold elegantly.

Greubel Forsey Balancier 3

The movement of the Balancier 3 is a significant element, lending the timepiece a dynamic and modern style. It achieves impeccable chronometry, marking it as Greubel Forsey’s most accessible creation. This was accomplished through a focused design effort, streamlining the look to highlight the finish of each movement component. The essence of the timepiece lies in its technicality – from the energy source to the escapement, barrels, and the large balance wheel.

The two fast-rotating barrels, turning every 3.2 hours, are visible and adorned with unique rotating graphics, a signature element of the Convexe collection. They provide a chronometric power reserve of three full days. The power reserve indicator, a first for the Convexe collection, is situated on the case back.

Greubel Forsey Balancier 3

The large balance wheel, or “Balancier,” between 4 and 6 o’clock, is integral to the design. This Greubel Forsey variable-inertia balance, balanced with six gold mean-time screws, features a large 12.6 mm diameter, a standout in contemporary fine watchmaking. Its oscillations are mirrored by the small second display at 8 o’clock, where a satin-finished disc rotates to mark the seconds.

The finishing of the Balancier 3 is a highlight, particularly evident in the wide bridge supporting the hour and minute hands. Its complex three-dimensional, openworked design, with multiple levels and sharp internal angles, represents a significant achievement in hand finishing. This meticulous attention to detail is replicated on both the barrel bridge and the balance wheel bridge, which are hand-polished and convex, harmonizing with the case. The Balancier 3, measuring 41.5 mm in diameter, is available in black and blue versions, each limited to 88 pieces. Options include a rubber strap or a Greubel Forsey titanium bracelet upon request, offering versatility and elegance.

Technical Specifications
Guide Price
CHF 160,000
Limited Edition of 88 pieces
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