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The Imola Roadster is Pagani’s homage to high-octane luxury

A limited edition masterpiece and the brand's most performance-driven open-top to date, the Imola Roadster is homologated for global road use and designed with cutting-edge aerodynamics. Share

Pagani Automobili elevates the realm of supercars with the introduction of the Imola Roadster, a limited edition masterpiece from its esteemed Grandi Complicazioni division. This open-top marvel, limited to just eight units worldwide, is road-legal yet track-ready, representing the pinnacle of Pagani’s performance prowess.

The Imola Roadster’s design and aerodynamics draw heavily from the Huayra R, as explained by Lorenzo Kerkoc, Head of Pagani Grandi Complicazioni. This vehicle was envisioned as more than just a convertible version of the Imola Coupé; it’s an amalgamation of the Huayra Roadster BC’s advanced technology with the Huayra R’s aerodynamic principles, resulting in an even more refined and complex creation.

The Imola Roadster is Pagani’s homage to high-octane luxury

The focus on improved engine performance necessitated enhanced cooling solutions. This led to the enlargement of the front air intakes and the introduction of a dual warm air outlet, one hidden in the wheel arch and another on the side bumper—a signature of the Imola model. These modifications not only boost performance but also reinforce the car’s reliability.

At the heart of its aerodynamic design is the air scoop, enhancing the efficiency of the Pagani V12’s aspiration, coupled with a central fin for vehicle stabilization. The integration of the air scoop and the rear wing supports with the hood is a first for the brand. The tail lights have been redesigned, and new air vents extract hot air from the rear wheel arch, aiding in brake cooling and increasing downforce. The car’s impressive rear extractor balances the ground effect produced by the prominent rear splitter.

The Imola Roadster is Pagani’s homage to high-octane luxury

Striving for optimal aerodynamic efficiency, every aspect of the Imola Roadster is meticulously designed to achieve a downforce of 600 kg at 280 km/h, ensuring safe and consistent performance in all conditions. This focus on interior air flow management and exterior profiling exemplifies Leonardo da Vinci’s principle of Art and Science, guiding the creation of the Imola Roadster and all Pagani Hypercars.

The chassis, a vital component of the Imola Roadster, showcases Pagani’s three decades of expertise in advanced composite materials. Utilizing Carbo-Titanium HP62-G2 and Carbo-Triax HP62, the chassis provides an unparalleled race-car driving experience while enhancing safety. Despite its robustness, the car remains remarkably light, weighing just 1,260 kg, a testament to Pagani’s dedication to detail and efficiency.

The Imola Roadster is Pagani’s homage to high-octane luxury

Pagani’s inventive paint technology, the Acquarello Light system, contributes to the car’s lightweight design without compromising the intensity, depth, and sheen of the colour. In terms of handling, the Imola Roadster features four independently moving flaps that adapt to the driver’s needs, offsetting pitch during braking and roll during cornering. This system works in tandem with active suspensions, augmenting the vehicle’s stability.

The suspension system is a highlight of the Imola Roadster, consisting of an independent double wishbone made from aluminum alloy, helical springs, and electronically controlled shock absorbers. The advanced suspension electronics counteract dive, squat, and roll effects, enhancing control and safety. Powering the Imola Roadster is the evolved 5,980 cc Pagani V12, custom-designed by Mercedes-Benz AMG for Pagani, delivering an impressive 850 HP and 1,100 nm of torque. This power is smoothly transmitted to the road through the Xtrac seven-speed transversal sequential gearbox, renowned for its swift responsiveness.

The Imola Roadster is Pagani’s homage to high-octane luxury

The Imola Roadster’s interior transcends time, drawing inspiration from motorsport’s glorious past while looking toward its future. Stepping inside is like entering another dimension, where every detail captivates and reveals the skill of Pagani’s artisans. The carbo-wood accents, embossed leather, and mechanical components all contribute to an immersive sensory experience.

The Imola Roadster begins a thrilling journey for those who experience it, even before the engine ignites. The car’s Grandi Complicazioni division, akin to Haute Horlogerie’s Grand Complications, is dedicated to creating such ultra-limited series vehicles, where complexity and customization converge to fulfil every desire, crafting a truly bespoke masterpiece.

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