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The electric evolution of the Porsche 911 by Everrati

This modern classic combines the traditional Porsche ethos with advanced electric technology, offering a blend of performance and environmental consciousness. Share

Everrati has recently unveiled a tribute to the iconic Porsche 911, a zero-emission homage based on the Type 964 RSR, featuring a 63kWh battery and two electric motors. This latest addition to Everrati’s portfolio of modernized classic Porsches combines the essence of the Type 964 RSR 3.8 with contemporary enhancements. The vehicle sports a hand-built 911 structure, incorporating carbon-fibre body elements and various weight-saving measures, all powered by a bespoke, state-of-the-art EV powertrain.

The Type 964 RSR 3.8, launched in 1993, stands as one of the rarest 964 variants, with only 51 units of this race-ready, lightweight, rear-drive, turbo wide-bodied car ever produced. This model revived the esteemed Porsche motorsport badge, first seen on the 1973 911 Carrera RSR and later featured on the 996, 997, and 991 models.

Everrati’s redefined version honours the 964 RSR’s legacy while embracing sustainable luxury. The company transforms an expertly restored narrow-bodied 911 (964) into an RS-inspired edition that maintains the lightweight, high-performance ethos of the RSR. Modifications include removing the rear seats, adding a rear roll cage, and installing lightweight seats made from the world’s lowest carbon leather, supplied by Everrati partner Bridge of Weir Leather.

The electric evolution of the Porsche 911 by Everrati

Externally, the vehicle features lightweight 18-inch HRE wheels and a new carbon-fibre bodywork with an aerodynamic package. This includes a larger rear spoiler inspired by the 964 RSR and a revised front lower splitter. The car’s advanced technology includes a Gen2 63kWh battery pack and management system, offering improvements over the Gen1 system in cooling and drive controller software. This upgrade enhances performance and efficiency, allowing over 200 miles of emission-free range and a 0-60mph acceleration in 3.7 seconds.

Additionally, the RSR homage incorporates TracTive suspension, a premium, electronically controlled active and adaptive system with multiple settings to optimize driving dynamics, comfort, and performance on both road and track. Modern features like Apple CarPlay, AC, and DC Fast charging equip the car for both short and long journeys, combining classic Porsche design with modern technology and sustainability.

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