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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presents four magnificent ‘Year of the Dragon’ Bespoke commissions

Designed and hand-crafted at the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood, these Bespoke creations–three Phantom Extended models and one Cullinan–are a celebration of Chinese culture through Bespoke artistry. Share

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has unveiled a collection of four exclusive ‘Year of the Dragon’ Bespoke commissions to commemorate the Lunar New Year. This release includes three Phantom Extended models and one Cullinan, each a testament to the luxury brand’s unparalleled craftsmanship and the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. As symbols of power, success, and prosperity, these vehicles are not merely cars but moving art pieces, showcasing a modern, minimalistic interpretation of the dragon.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presents four magnificent ‘Year of the Dragon’ Bespoke commissions

The Bespoke Collective at Rolls-Royce has outdone itself, creating a new expression of the dragon that respects its traditional form while providing a fresh perspective. Each vehicle features fascia panels with contemporary dragon artwork, hand-painted in a variety of red hues. This choice of colour is deliberate, embodying prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture. The process to achieve the vibrant, layered effect of the artwork is meticulous, involving over two weeks of detailed painting, blending, and lacquering to create a three-dimensional appearance that seems almost carved into the fascia.

These Bespoke creations, inspired by the Year of the Dragon in 2024, celebrate the international reach and influence of Chinese culture, which transcends national boundaries. Hence, these magnificent motor cars are destined for clients based across three continents. These creations are both a powerful expression of our respect for Chinese culture, and a contemporary, minimalist statement in line with trends we see among luxury consumers worldwide. Jonathan Simms, Head of Bespoke, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presents four magnificent ‘Year of the Dragon’ Bespoke commissions

Within the interior of these magnificent vehicles, the dragon motif continues with subtlety and elegance. The motif is intricately stitched in Phoenix Red on the headrests of the seats, contrasting sharply with the black or white leather. The precision in stitch direction and density brings the dragon to life, suggesting movement and fluidity.

This attention to detail extends to the rear picnic tables and the Bespoke Starlight Headliner, where hundreds of fibre-optic ‘stars’ are arranged to form an abstract dragon motif. For one special motor car destined for the Rolls-Royce Private Office Shanghai, the headliner includes red ‘stars’, nodding to the cultural significance of the colour in Chinese tradition.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presents four magnificent ‘Year of the Dragon’ Bespoke commissions

Our aim was to create a modern interpretation of the dragon capturing its essence as a symbol of power. The design evokes a sense of motion and energy, expressing the dragon as a driving force, all rendered with a depth and complexity to reflect its commanding spirit and presence. Rebecca Davies, Bespoke Designer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

The exterior of each car is as carefully considered as the interior, with unique colourways developed specifically for this collection. From the duotone Cherry Red and Crystal finish of the Cullinan to the elegant Silver and Cherry Red or monolithic Black with Crystal finish of the Phantom Extended models, each vehicle exudes luxury. The Bespoke coachline, hand-painted in Phoenix Red and featuring a subtle dragon motif, adds a final touch of sophistication, symbolically oriented to face the East, the direction of the rising sun.

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